00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous,
00:03 but the laborers are few. 00:04 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.
00:10 Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 00:13 “Whom shall I send? And who will go
for us?” 00:19 And said I, “Here am I. Send me, send
me!” 00:23 Life on the edge will enable you to
be infected 00:26 harvest before Lord. We now invite you
into 00:29 our classrooms to come, experience life.
00:43 Hello, I like to welcome you again to the
00:44 Lay Institute For Evangelism here into the
00:47 classroom once again, as we are getting ready
00:49 to go into our second study of the 24 sets
00:52 that we are gonn have in Bible study. 00:54 And today study is gonna be on the signs
00:56 of the times. I like to welcome you at home
00:58 to our classroom here, and let you know that
01:00 this being the second one of our series, 01:03 we still have 22 more to go.
01:05 And you’ll be able to find those on our website,
01:07 if you want to go there and find all the rest
01:09 of the studies as long, not just to studies
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01:20 You go there not only you can get to download
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01:24 You can also find out information on how
01:26 yourself can now just join us from sitting there,
01:28 wherever you are sitting and watching us,
01:29 you can come in rightly actually sit in the
01:31 classroom here and get it first hand. 01:33 We have two sets in the year and you’re
welcome 01:35 to join either one of those. And if
you want 01:36 to get more information about that just
go to 01:38 our website. Today once again we’re
going to be 01:40 studying on what Christ said over 2000
years ago 01:44 would be happening just before he return
01:46 to this earth, just before he returns to this earth,
01:49 he predicted a bunch of things, some signs that
01:50 would be taking place. We would be looking, 01:52 and looking at those today.
01:53 Mainly we are gonna be focusing on 01:55 Matthew chapter 24. so, lets go the
screen now 01:57 you can see already its up on the screen,
01:59 the study guide here the study that 02:00 we are gonna be looking at is
02:02 “The signs of the Times”, and the purpose of the
02:04 study is to show that the signs that Jesus
02:07 told us to be watching for that tell us when
02:09 the end is near are happening, 02:11 and also the purpose of that is to encourage
us 02:13 to be ready, to encourage the people
to be ready. 02:15 You know well there is a whole lot of
good 02:18 that we will be recognize all these
signs 02:20 and see all the things happening if
we are not 02:21 personally preparing for him to come.
02:24 And so that’s the purpose of the study is to
02:27 help us to realize where we are in stream of time.
02:28 And the Center It: Jesus does not want us to be
02:31 deceived about the end. He wants all of us
02:34 to be clear; he wants us to recognize 02:35 what’s happening, and wants you and
I to be 02:38 ready for his coming. So now we get
into the 02:41 part here on the screen, I will show
the list 02:43 of the text that we will be using for
this study. 02:45 They are mostly all found in the Book
of Matthew, 02:47 you notice here starting in the fourth
text 02:49 all the way down to the 14 text.
02:51 All of those are found in the Book of Matthew.
02:53 So, the basically the whole study is found
02:54 in Matthew chapter 24. Every one of those
02:56 will be from there, except the 12th one
02:59 there see that’s Genesis chapter 6 and 03:01 you will see how that plays into it.
03:02 We will have a couple of external texts 03:05 we’d probably go to, and we have those
like 03:07 in every study you know it’s not on
your 03:09 study guide; it’s not on the screen
but with 03:11 reference to text. Now when we do that
03:13 that’s why it’s good you have a 03:14 pen and paper handy. Now all the students
here 03:17 they have their MacBook, so they are
able 03:19 to take notes right on their computer,
03:20 but those you at home you may want to go ahead
03:22 and grab a pencil or a pen and some paper
03:24 and be able to take notes for the extra text
03:27 that you will be having throughout the study.
03:29 So but for those who are here and you come
03:32 to Life you will get one of these two. 03:35 Anyway lets go on, we are going to go
on now 03:37 to the first part of the study,
03:38 before we get into and open our Bible 03:40 and start doing anything in our Bibles,
03:41 what must we first do? Pray, we must first
03:44 ask God to give us clear minds and I’ll ask him
03:46 to give us guidance as we study his word,
03:48 so I invite you at home to pray with us here
03:50 in the classroom. Lord Jesus I just want to ask
03:53 you right now that you help us to understand 03:55 what it is you want us to see in your
word today. 03:57 Help Lord for each of us to graft the
teaching 04:00 that is given, and I pray that Father
when 04:03 we get to the end of the study that
we will be 04:05 closer to you, and a better understanding
04:07 of what’s going on our world, 04:08 and how near we are to seeing you coming
04:10 in the clouds of glory. We pray this in the
04:12 name of Jesus, amen. Alright our first part
04:15 of the study, we’re going to first look in the
04:17 Revelation chapter 16 and verse 15, 04:20 its going to be the first text of study,
04:21 and its on the screen right now for us to see
04:23 what it is, and you will see right 04:25 there the word (watch). The first three
text 04:28 we are going to be looking at,
04:29 we are gonna find out that we are told to watch
04:32 by Jesus, by Paul, by John, in many places
04:36 in the Bible we are just gonna go to three
04:37 of them basically, and we’re gonna ask the
04:39 question what is that they want us to be
04:41 watching for. So, when you open up in the
04:42 Bible study setting and you’re giving a study
04:44 to somebody, that’s kind of opening you know
04:47 God is telling us to watch for something 04:48 and what is that we are gonna be watching
for. 04:50 Miss Glory, would you look to read the
04:51 first text there Revelation 04:52 chapter 16 and verse 15.
04:57 “Behold, I am coming as a thief in the night.
05:02 Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments,
05:06 lest he walk naked and they see his name.”
05:10 Alright Revelation 16 and verse 15 05:14 we’re cautioned there, or encouraged
there 05:16 to behold, he says I come as a thief
in the night 05:19 and blessed is he, he does what, watches.
05:21 So, according to the apostle John as 05:24 he is writing in Book of Revelation,
05:25 God is speaking to him in the prophecy here
05:27 and he says blessed are they that’s doing
05:29 what watching. So, there’s a reason that
05:32 he wants us to be watching and that’s 05:33 where we’ll be going through as we study
05:34 through this first part here. What is that we are
05:36 gonna be watching for, and lets find out
05:38 as we go the next slide here, 05:39 Matthew chapter 24 and verse 42-44
05:42 Matthew chapter 24 and verse 42-44. 05:46 Now if you are in Revelation,
05:48 how to get to the Book of Matthew is pretty
05:49 simple isn’t it. You go to the left all the way
05:51 to the first book of the New Testament, 05:53 Matthew chapter 24. Its probably the
most popular 05:57 chapter you hear about in the Bible
at least I do, 05:59 I mean it seems like everybody has something
06:00 in these day they quote out of Matthew chapter 24,
06:03 Matthew chapter 24 and we are gonna read
06:05 verses 42-44. Turn the page one more, 06:09 and Bill you want to do that for us
Matthew 24, 06:15 go ahead. Let see 42, yeah, it says:
06:19 “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour
06:23 your Lord is coming. But know this, 06:25 that if the master of the house had
known 06:27 what hour the thief would come,
06:29 he would have watched and not allowed his house
06:31 to be broken into. Therefore you also 06:34 be ready, for the Son of Man is coming
06:36 at an hour you do not expect. 06:38 Isn’t it interesting there what he is
saying, 06:40 he is telling us to watch and then he
actually 06:42 clues us in little bit on what we would
be 06:44 watching for and what is it specifically
06:45 we would be watching for, 06:48 the sign of Christ coming, right,
06:49 he says be watching because he is gonna come
06:51 and when you don’t think he is going to be coming,
06:53 then he is going to come. Now I think this is kind
06:55 of little strange to think about because 06:59 right now in our day we are saying oh
the signs 07:02 are everywhere, Jesus is going to come
soon. 07:03 But you know there is a whole lot of
people that 07:06 will tell you things like, oh we’ve
been hearing 07:08 this our whole life, right. We’ve been
hearing 07:11 all along that Jesus is coming soon,
07:13 and so just when you think, you and I maybe
07:15 thinking oh I really believe Jesus is 07:17 coming soon with all the things that
are going on. 07:19 There are many people even in the religious
07:20 world saying you know what, we’ve been hearing
07:22 this our whole life. You know I am second, 07:24 third, fourth generation Christian,
07:26 I’ve been hearing this my whole life, 07:28 and I really don’t, I think we’ve plenty
of time 07:30 and Jesus says in the hour you think
not. 07:32 In other word, he doesn’t say in the
year 07:33 or the month, its like there is going
to be very 07:36 narrow timeframe when everybody is thinking
07:38 in for a short time, oh no its not going 07:40 to happen, then he is going to come.
07:41 He is going to be as a thief, it’s going to be
07:43 surprise to everyone. So, we have John writing
07:46 in the Book of Revelation telling us to watch.
07:48 Let me have Jesus hear the word and way Jesus
07:50 says hey you need to be watching because 07:51 when you think it’s not going to happen
beware 07:53 because it’s going to happen.
07:55 And then from there we got the next text,
07:57 we get to 3ST the third part of the study here,
08:00 and again if you are marking your Bibles up,
08:02 when you get to 1 Thessalonians 08:05 chapter 5 verses 2-6 somewhere around
that 08:07 area since we are here only in the second
time 08:09 we’ve been marking the Bible, and those
of you 08:11 who need to understand at home how to
mark 08:13 your Bible, if you missed the first
study 08:14 you need to go back and watch that one,
08:16 the one that Pastor Scott did on the Daniel 2
08:19 in the word of God study, that tells you,
08:21 explains you in detail how to put together 08:23 the Bible study, how to mark it up in
your Bible. 08:26 But here when you get to the
08:28 1 Thessalonians 5 2-6 you are right somewhere
08:31 around that area 3ST which enters signs of
08:33 the times ST and on the top line you put
08:35 Matthew 24 42-44 that’s the text you came from,
08:39 and then the text you’re going to be next
08:41 Matthew 24 1-3, and that’s how you mark 08:43 your Bible as you go along through that.
08:44 So right now 1 Thessalonians 08:46 chapter 5 verse 2-6 Bill would you like
to read 08:49 that for us, I mean Thomas, sorry Tom,
08:52 here we got Tom and Bill sitting together, 08:53 and let me put a girl beside you Tom,
08:54 Tom will you read that one for us. 08:56 Okay 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verses
2-6. 09:00 That’s right, hold on just a second,
09:01 let me get there. We have a pause in the video
09:04 in here but that’s okay people at home 09:05 are still finding theirs too, yeah go
ahead. 09:08 “For you yourselves know perfectly that
the day 09:11 of the Lord so comes as a thief in the
night. 09:14 For when they say, “Peace and safety!”
09:17 then sudden destruction comes upon them, 09:19 as labor pains upon a pregnant woman.
09:22 And they shall not escape. But you, brethren,
09:25 are not in darkness, so that this Day should
09:28 overtake you as a thief. You are all sons of light
09:32 and sons of the day. We are not of the night
09:35 nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep,
09:38 as others do, but let us watch and be sober.
09:42 So here Paul writing to the church in 09:43 Thessalonians I get you right in the
Thessalonians 09:45 and he says you are not the children
09:47 of the darkness, or children of the night,
09:48 you are the children of the day, and because
09:50 of that what’s he counsel us to do in verse 6
09:52 there watch and be sober. He wants us to be
09:55 paying attention, so we have Jesus saying 09:57 hey you need to be watching out,
09:58 you need to be watching for this, you have John
10:00 saying watch, be ready and then you also have
10:03 Paul here saying watch and be ready. 10:05 Now I won’t think of these guys as pretty
10:06 intelligent people wouldn’t you? 10:08 I mean after all its was these fellows,
10:10 I mean Jesus in particularly of being 10:12 God on earth, and then you think of
the apostles 10:14 they basically turned the world upside
down, 10:16 its not, there is hardly a place on
this planet 10:18 that hasn’t heard the name of Jesus
because 10:19 what the work that these guys started,
10:21 and millions and millions until billions of people
10:25 their lives have been changed through the
10:26 writings of these people, writing the Bible under
10:29 the inspiration of Holy Spirit and when 10:30 they tell us to do something like watch,
10:32 I think them as being so intelligent, 10:35 being so filled with the spirit of God
that would, 10:39 that would be good counsel for us to
be doing 10:40 that very thing is to be watching.
10:42 And we know what they are telling we need be
10:43 watching for, what would they be, 10:44 they just told us in this whole context,
10:47 the second coming of Jesus, the signs of the
10:48 second coming, watch when you don’t think,
10:50 when everybody is thinking oh we have 10:52 plenty of time, then its gonna be happen.
10:55 So, we are counsel to be doing this so when
10:57 we do this Bible study here that we are
10:58 gonna be looking it now, as we get into the signs
11:00 of the second coming, its very beneficial for us
11:02 to understand the reason we look at the signs
11:05 of the second coming because we’ve been told
11:06 to be watching for these things, and then
11:09 we’re gonna figure out the details of that
11:11 as we go along. So our next text would be
11:12 Matthew chapter 24 verses 1-3 11:15 and in the context of Matthew 24 verses
1-3, 11:19 its on the screen right now.
11:20 And Shalida is gonna read Matthew chapter 24
11:25 as soon as I get there, Shalida are you there,
11:28 ready to go, okay read verse 1-3 for us.
11:32 And Jesus went out and departed from the temple,
11:34 and His disciples came to Him to show Him
11:38 the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said
11:40 unto them, “See ye not all these things? 11:43 Verily I say unto you, there shall not
be left 11:46 here one stone upon another that shall
not be 11:49 thrown down.” One more verse, oh okay,
11:53 I am sorry trying to hold the microphone 11:55 and turn the pages isn’t, go ahead.
11:56 And as He sat upon the Mount of Olives, 11:59 the disciples came unto Him privately,
saying, 12:02 “Tell us, when shall these things be?
12:04 And what shall be the sign of Thy coming 12:06 and of the end of the world?” Alright
so Jesus 12:10 here tells his disciples something very
12:12 interesting as they look upon the temple, 12:15 and now you can imagine what a temple
must have 12:16 look like you know these massive stones,
12:18 beautiful temple, and he tells the disciples 12:21 well one day there is not gonna be piece
12:23 of this temple left, its gonna be tore down,
12:25 there is hardly gonna be one stone sitting 12:26 upon another. The disciples automatically
12:28 as soon as Jesus said that thought you know
12:30 what its something catastrophic 12:32 is gonna happen, its must be the end
of the world. 12:34 So, they ask Jesus a question, actually
they ask 12:36 him two questions, I want you to put
in your notes, 12:39 I think it maybe in the notes on the
12:40 study guides, and I believe it is, let me look
12:42 and see if we have on it like that. 12:43 Yes it is, its on the note and is written
12:46 like that, they actually asks Jesus two question,
12:48 so when you put out the study guide it will be
12:49 on there for you already. Those two questions
12:51 have been simply this Jesus tell us when
12:54 the temple is gonna be destroyed and 12:55 these things are gonna happen what’s
gonna be 12:57 like and then tells the signs of your
coming 12:59 in the end of the world because we know
the 13:01 temple is destroyed when 70 AD right,
13:04 the temple is completely destroyed and that
13:06 prophecy was completely fulfilled 13:07 but did Jesus came in 70 AD. No, and
he actually 13:10 takes the two questions they ask him
13:12 and he basically answers it with one answer,
13:16 with one answer, and he compares like things
13:18 that took place around the destruction 13:19 of the Jerusalem in 70 AD or also the
same things 13:22 are gonna be taking place, and are taking
13:24 place right now in the world. So, he answers that
13:27 two fold like that, and we are gonna to go into
13:28 this in just a little more detail as we go along,
13:30 so let us look at this answer now. 13:33 First of all at the end of verse 3,
I want to be 13:35 focusing on that just a little bit,
13:37 actually I circled my Bible, 13:38 when I give Bible studies,
13:39 I got one Bible that I give Bible studies out of,
13:41 and I just it’s a H.M.S. Richards study Bible,
13:45 and I put all my notes and mark my Bible in that,
13:47 but I actually write you know if there is
13:49 something I want to emphasize. You may want
13:51 to try this, I don’t know how you feel like
13:52 marking in your Bibles in something aspect,
13:54 but I highlight little things with my pencil,
13:57 even with a colored pencil to make sure that
13:58 I emphasize certain parts, and what I did
14:00 on this three when they says tell us 14:03 when shall be these things be,
14:05 I kind of emphasize the when there, 14:06 and what shall be the signs of your
coming in 14:09 end of the world. So, the two question
are, 14:11 when will these things be, when this
all gonna 14:12 take place, and in context of this,
14:16 what’s going to be your sign of your coming
14:18 in the end of the world. So, when Jerusalem 14:21 is gonna be destroyed, the temple be
destroyed, 14:22 and when is the end of the world coming.
14:24 He doesn’t give them a exact timeframe 14:27 but he tells them to what be looking
for, 14:29 hence the Paul first part we already
went through 14:31 here saying watch, watch, watch, because
14:34 he is gonna tell them what they actually is that
14:35 they are supposed to be watching for, 14:36 and that’s what where we are gonna be
getting 14:38 into as we go in to the rest of the
study, 14:40 the very things he says to be watching
for. 14:41 So, very first thing he says when you
go back 14:43 to the screen here Matthew
14:44 chapter 24 verses 4-7, 14:46 Jesus giving an answer Roberto,
14:48 if you want to read that for us Matthew 24 verses,
14:52 well oh its Jessica’s turn okay I am sorry,
14:56 I mess up, Jessica then Matthew 24 you know
15:01 I can say Roberto and you guys can just 15:03 video Jessica, they won’t know the difference,
15:06 Matthew chapter 24 verses 4-7 go ahead sister.
15:09 Jesus told them: “Don’t let anyone mislead you.
15:12 For many will come in my name, saying, 15:15 ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will lead many
astray. 15:19 And wars will break out near and far,
15:22 but don’t panic. Yes, these things must come,
15:25 but the end won’t follow immediately. 15:28 The nations and kingdoms will proclaim
war against 15:31 each other, and there will be famines
15:33 and earthquakes in many parts of the world.
15:36 But all this will be only the beginning of the
15:39 horrors to come. Alright you read one verse
15:42 actually that’s okay fits in this perfect, 15:44 so Jesus here when they ask the question
tells 15:47 the signs, he give them a whole list
of signs 15:49 but I have an objection. You know when
I first 15:51 become a Christian, I had an objection
you know 15:53 what objection is, as most skeptics
had 15:55 this objection. We’ve always had wars,
15:58 we’ve always had famines, 16:00 we’ve always had false Christs, we’ve
always had 16:02 people deceiving people, haven’t we
always had 16:04 these things. So, Jesus wasn’t really
giving us 16:07 any great revelation there was he? When
you think 16:10 about it its not any great revelation,
16:11 we’ve always had these things, and skeptic 16:13 will say that, they would simply say
you know 16:15 you Christians are kind of fanatical,
already, 16:17 we already think you are little crazy,
16:19 but now we know you are touched because 16:20 Jesus isn’t, he is not telling us anything
16:22 new you act like he is telling you something 16:24 special when you read this but we always
16:26 had these very things. And as so he set that up
16:29 giving a study or even you are preaching 16:31 you set that up and people sometime
they become 16:33 little skeptical with you when you say
like what 16:35 he is trying to say. You know like most
16:37 of the time when you study with somebody 16:38 they already kind of believe in the
Bible 16:39 and believe in Jesus, and it sounds
like 16:41 you are trying to cut down the Bible,
16:42 or cut down Jesus. Now you guys know me
16:44 well enough to know that I am not doing that,
16:46 but you want to set that up in the mind 16:48 a little bit because of what Jesus actually
says 16:50 really makes a mockery of infidel
16:53 or the non believer when you really pay attention
16:55 what he is gonna say that’s where are gonna
16:56 get into as we move along because Jesus compares
16:58 his second coming, he compares it two 17:00 different things. When he says the two
natural 17:04 things basically he compares it to.
17:05 We are gonna look at the second one first.
17:07 We are gonna look at the second things and
17:08 compares it to first and that one we found in
17:11 Matthew chapter 24 verses 32-33, 17:14 Matthew chapter 24, its on the screen
right 17:16 now verses 32-33. And Tom would you
like to 17:23 read that for us. I would like to read,
17:24 alright, verse 32-33. “Now learn the parable
17:29 from the fig tree: when its branch has already
17:32 become tender and puts forth its leaves, 17:35 you know that summer is near. So you
also, 17:39 when you see all these things,
17:41 know that it is near, even at the doors.” 17:44 Very interesting when you think about
what 17:46 he is saying there, he says okay first
of all 17:47 I am going to compare it to a fig tree
and 17:48 when all these things are gonna take
place, 17:50 the things that he just listed here
Matthew 24 17:52 all this is gonna take place and he
said 17:53 when you see this things happening its
gonna be 17:56 like a fig tree. Now when a fig tree,
17:58 any tree basically when you think of any tree
18:00 it’s gonna have fruit on the tree, 18:03 does it always have fruit on the tree.
18:05 No it start to bloom at one point right, 18:07 and you will see a little bloom come
up, 18:09 right just a little tiny bloom will
come up. 18:11 He says when you see this you know the
summer 18:13 is neigh, when you see the bloom is
come on 18:14 but do you have fruit yet, is it ready
to 18:16 harvest yet? Its not ready to harvest
he says 18:18 but its similar to that, you will see
the fruit 18:19 come on, and then it grow, and it grows
18:21 and it grows until eventually the fruit on
18:23 the tree is big enough to harvest right. 18:25 So he is comparing his second coming
18:27 and the signs of the second coming to a tree
18:30 blossoming, blooming and blossoming until the fruit
18:32 comes on the tree, and then being ready 18:34 to be picked. He says learn the parable
18:35 of a fig tree, the branch is tender, 18:37 puts forth leaves you know that summer
is near. 18:40 So, you know summer is coming, you know
that 18:42 it’s coming by the fact that the tree
start 18:44 turning. Now down in Florida I have
only been 18:47 here about six months now, I don’t imagine
18:48 you have to much signs of summer coming on other
18:50 than the temperature just starts warming up.
18:52 I guess the grass kind of turn brown that one
18:54 time of the year; I don’t know I haven’t seen
18:55 anything like that yet. But I understand back
18:57 in Kentucky right now you know, where I am,
19:00 from up there in Kentucky, the promised land,
19:04 that up there right now, I just got e-mail
19:05 from some of my friends up there, 19:06 he said oh because I send them a picture
of me 19:09 on the beach down here, I was hanging
on the 19:11 beach a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday.
19:13 And he said oh you might enjoy the beach but
19:15 we are enjoying the leaves up here right 19:16 now turning colors, so in a similar
way when 19:19 the leaves start turning colors in Kentucky
19:20 what’s that telling them, it won’t be long before
19:23 its snow in right that’s what’s coming its says
19:26 cold weather is coming because these are signs
19:28 of things that are coming, so Jesus says hey the
19:30 fig tree that’s a one way of understanding 19:32 what I am trying to tell you here yeah
we always 19:34 had these things but there is gonna
be time 19:36 that you start them seeing them happen
in a 19:39 certain way you know what’s gonna come
next, 19:41 is that make sense. Now it makes it
even more 19:43 clear in the next one we are looking
at 19:45 Matthew chapter 24 and verse 8 when
you first 19:48 read it may be not be as clear as it
is until 19:51 we explain it, so the explanations will
help 19:53 clear this up quiet a bit and Roberto
you wanna 19:58 read that first Matthew chapter 24 and
verse 8. 20:03 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
20:07 all these are the beginning of sorrows, 20:09 of what, what are the beginning of sorrows,
20:14 all the signs, its alright you know he says that
20:16 you are gonna have the earthquakes, 20:18 and the famines, and the floods and
pestilences, 20:20 and all these things, the wars the rumors
20:22 of war he says all these are the beginning 20:24 of sorrows. Now that really doesn’t
make sense 20:28 in itself, why do you mean its beginning
20:30 of sorrows yeah we know the war and things
20:32 like that are sorrowful event. 20:34 Let me before I tell you what the punch
line here, 20:36 let me kind of tell you little story,
20:37 and this is what I like to do, you have to have
20:39 your own story when you give a Bible study
20:40 or preach. But I can remember when I first got
20:42 married, oh its about I got to think, 20:46 we got married says about eight months
and Laura 20:49 and I after we married, Laura started
getting fat, 20:52 oh yeah her belly just started going
getting 20:56 bigger, bigger, and bigger, she didn’t
20:57 get big anywhere else, her belly just started
20:59 getting bigger all the time right, and I said
21:02 something wrong with her, I didn’t know what’s
21:04 wrong with her did I? Actually I did you know
21:06 what’s wrong with it, she is pregnant, right.
21:09 There was a sign, the first sign that I saw
21:11 in Laura, the first thing I saw happening 21:13 to her is her belly was getting bigger
21:15 and it got bigger and bigger and bigger, 21:17 she is just sticking out like this someone
21:18 has stuck a basketball under her shirt, 21:19 it was a sign there, and then one Saturday
21:22 evening right about 7 O’clock Laura 21:24 comes out of bathroom, and she says
I think 21:26 my water just broke, and I said that
must be a sign, 21:31 you think that’s what I said, it was
a sign 21:33 wasn’t it, and what was that sign,
21:35 you better get her to the hospital, right.
21:37 So, I call the hospital up and said hey my wife
21:39 says she thinks her water just broke and
21:41 they said well bring her right in and so I got
21:43 in the car and I drive really fast at 21:45 Acton road, there I was living in Kentucky
21:46 and look at took on the way to the hospital 21:49 but my idea was like after the water
breaks 21:51 that baby is coming, and I am not delivering
21:54 no baby, right. So I drive and we get into the
21:56 hospital and we get in there and immediately 21:58 they put in her bed and they put this
little, 22:00 they just pull her shirt up there and
showed 22:02 that big old belly sticking out there,
22:04 right. And they put this little tags all over it
22:06 with this wires hanging off it, and on the wall
22:07 right next to where we was on the wall 22:10 there was this graph, was a white piece
of paper 22:12 thing and the graph just is making a
lines like 22:14 this and its amazing to me as I paid
attention 22:17 there every once in a while Laura would
go 22:18 ah, ah, ah, and she would start breathing
like 22:21 that a little thing will and it came
down 22:23 and there she goes ooh. I notice that
every time 22:27 she would make that noise that graph
would go up, 22:28 and what happened from about 8 O’clock
8:30 22:31 or so on every about 10 or 15 minutes
that 22:33 graph would go up they are starting
getting 22:34 closer and closer together, you know
22:36 like first every 10 minutes and 15 minutes 22:39 to somewhere around there and it started
22:40 to be like be 5 minutes apart eventually some
22:42 time during night and so every 5 minutes 22:44 Laura would go ah, ah, ah, and the graphic
22:46 go until finally at about 3:30 in the morning
22:50 the graph was just like this and it was staying
22:53 all the time and she was breathing hard 22:55 the whole time. You know what, all these
22:57 were signs what are they signs off, 23:00 the baby is getting ready to come, right
23:01 and so at 3:30 in the morning they could just
23:04 pull those things off at that point and we know
23:06 why because that thing was coming out 23:08 and at 3:30 in the morning Kathleen
was born, 23:11 our first born right. Now the next time
we had 23:13 a baby I knew about all those signs
23:15 and I was ready you know what I mean 23:16 I’ve been through this before but the
first time, 23:19 I can remember the first time she had,
23:21 she was having a baby I didn’t know what
23:23 to expect. Now here is the point when Jesus
23:27 says in Matthew chapter 24 and verse 8
23:29 all these are the beginning of sorrows, 23:30 he is using a interesting word I am
gonna put 23:33 it on the screen the word there in the
Greek 23:36 for sorrows and I hope that’s right
Odin, 23:39 and it means a birth pain or child bearing
pain 23:42 or travail. In another words Jesus says
23:45 all these will be like having a child, 23:48 having a baby. Now when Laura first
started 23:51 getting her belly, starting to popping
out there, 23:55 was I expecting a baby to come anytime
soon, 23:57 no, I knew still she has a plenty of
time, 23:59 didn’t I. But the bigger she got the
bigger 24:01 she got I knew that it was closer and
closer 24:04 to baby to come right and then I took
her 24:06 to the hospital and they hooked this
tags, 24:07 they hooked things up all over her belly,
24:09 her big fat belly Shalida, it was that, 24:12 I hope she never gets that big and have
24:14 everything right, but she got her belly 24:15 sticking out like that and they get
this thing 24:17 stuck all over. Now on the graph on
the 24:19 chart every so often it was interesting
24:21 if you just could I wish I could have got a print
24:23 of it because it would have been really great
24:24 for illustration because it shows, 24:26 it shows on there going up and down
24:28 and the space with nothing and up and down
24:30 as the night progresses, the time progress 24:32 those things are closer and closer together
24:33 called contractions right until finally they were
24:37 right on top on another is of the chart 24:39 and the baby come, Jesus said it would
be the 24:41 same way just before he comes as a baby
24:44 being born. So, yeah that Jesus knew that
24:47 there was wars and rumors of wars going 24:49 on his day, was there famines and pestilence
24:51 going on the day Jesus was talking. 24:53 Yeah, now you think about the people
standing 24:55 around and listening to Jesus, listening
to him 24:57 when he said all these are the beginning
24:58 of the sorrows as its translated in King James,
25:01 the people were listening to him 25:02 what did they heard something like this
today, 25:04 all this would be like a birth pains.
25:07 Now if he would have said that I mean if the
25:09 King James would have translated that way
25:11 these would be like having birth pains, 25:12 we wouldn’t have a lot of issues about
with 25:14 skeptics saying oh we always had these
things, 25:17 like the people who study would say
that too, 25:18 we always had that. But when you show
them 25:20 this part he does simply says it would
be like 25:22 child bearing, like having a baby, hah
that 25:26 makes sense, and the closer and more
intense 25:28 the signs are the closer we are to the
birth. 25:34 Now I am going to look at these signs
25:36 and I am gonna asks the question, 25:38 are there more intense, are they closer
together, 25:41 do we see it more often now than we
have 25:42 ever seen happen before, as we go through
25:44 this things we are getting them little 25:46 quickly and here is a thing about this
study, 25:48 this study is little different than
most 25:49 others and what’s different about this
one 25:51 are like the events change.
25:54 Like right now we are standing here, 25:56 we just had the two major earthquakes
25:58 over there in common was in India they had
26:03 two major ones, they just had them you know
26:05 of 8 point something, and 7 point something 26:08 and there are things that are going
on 26:10 the world right now with H1N1, the swine
flu, 26:13 and all these kinds of things,
26:14 we will be touching on this as we go the study
26:16 but this is a study you kind of keep updated.
26:19 And its gonna get more harder and harder 26:21 to keep it updated as time progresses
because 26:23 its getting closer and closer together,
26:25 is that neat. So this study is a little bit
26:27 different than the rest as far as that goes,
26:29 because by the time this is being watched 26:31 there could be something, we could be
26:32 in the middle of some kind of catastrophic 26:34 thing in this world now and in this
country, 26:36 I mean who know we may have H1N1
26:39 vaccination going on all over the place 26:41 and people dying everywhere,
26:43 we don’t know what would be going on over
26:44 the next little bit of time, 26:45 so it would be more intense as we go
along. 26:48 Matthew chapter 24 verses 4-5 we are
gonna 26:51 pick up right now and I am going to
have Tom 26:54 read that for us, Matthew chapter 24
verses 4-5 26:58 and then 11-24 Tom. Okay, and Jesus
answered 27:03 and said unto them, “Take heed that
no man 27:05 deceive you; for many will come in My
name, 27:08 saying, �I am Christ,’ and will deceive
many. 27:10 Okay verse 11. Then many false prophets
27:14 will rise up and deceive many. 27:17 And verse 24: For false Christs and
false 27:21 prophets will rise and show great signs
27:24 and wonders, to deceive if possible even
27:26 the very elect. Okay Tom what we are focusing
27:28 here on right here what’s the main thing, 27:30 false Christs and false prophets.
27:32 Now its funny because he says at three different
27:34 ways here when he talks about here 27:36 and I want to point something out in
27:37 Thessalonians verses 4-5 particularly verse 5
27:40 but he is warning a false Christ 27:42 and false Prophets, so is Jesus is telling
us 27:44 right away to beware of all Prophets
in the 27:46 last days, no just false ones right
and 27:49 there is something to think about,
27:50 but I want to look in verse 5 when he says
27:52 many will come in my name saying 27:54 I am Christ and deceive many,
27:55 who is speaking here? Jesus is speaking right,
27:58 and he says many will come in my name saying
28:00 I am Christ and deceive many. 28:01 In other words you kind of picture like
this Jesus 28:03 is saying many will come in my name
saying 28:06 that Jesus is the Christ saying that
Jesus 28:09 is the Christ and they will use that
as a 28:11 springboard to deceive many, do you
see 28:12 the difference in the wording there.
28:15 Most of the time when you read you say 28:17 hey there is going to be people coming
28:18 and saying they are Christ and use that to
28:20 deceive people. He does say that in 28:22 verse 11 and 24 he talks about in those
terms 28:26 but in verse 5 you can very well unlike
28:29 if you think about who is speaking here Jesus
28:30 says they are gonna come his name saying that
28:32 Jesus is the Christ but will use that as
28:35 springboard to deceive people. 28:36 Now I promise you the first part of
study 28:38 we may have some extra text we go to,
28:39 to kind of back some things up. 28:41 And this is one of those places,
28:42 this is one of those places where we are
28:43 gonna do that. I want you to go with me now
28:45 to the Book of 2 Corinthians in 28:46 chapter 11. Go to the right keep your
place 28:49 mark Matthew 24 Acts, Romans,
28:51 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians chapter 11 28:53 because I want to show you that Paul
actually 28:55 kind of agrees to what Jesus maybe saying
here, 28:58 I am not dogmatic telling you saying
this is 29:00 absolutely what Jesus is saying that
he is talking 29:03 about people coming and claiming Jesus
29:04 is the Christ and deceiving people, 29:06 but it’s a good possibility that exactly
29:08 what he was talking about specially 29:09 when you look at what Paul says right
here. 29:11 And it does make sense when you think
about 29:13 the number of people today that are
claming 29:15 that Jesus is Christ but teaching all
kinds of 29:17 hierarchies out of the Bible,
29:18 but not out of the Bible but trying to lead
29:21 that way. I am gonna read now first 29:23 2 Corinthians chapter 11 I am gonna
read this 29:24 one verses 13-15, chapter 11, 2 Corinthians
29:29 chapter 11, is that right, are you there? 29:33 It’s not in the study guide,
29:34 so it would be little different. 29:35 “For such are false apostles, deceitful
29:38 workers, transforming themselves into apostles
29:41 of Christ”? So, Paul here is talking about
29:43 deceitful workers that will transforming themselves
29:45 into apostles of Christ. And no marvel; 29:48 for Satan himself is transformed into
an 29:50 angel of light. Now look at verse 15
particularly. 29:52 Therefore it is no great thing if his
ministers, 29:54 whose ministers, Satan’s ministers also
will be 29:59 transformed into the ministers of
30:00 righteousness; whose end shall be according 30:02 to their works. So, what he is saying
here, 30:04 he is saying there is gonna be ministers
30:05 that look like ministers of righteousness, 30:08 but they are gonna be able to deceive
30:09 the people. They are gonna be actually 30:12 ministers of the devil, fascinating
isn’t it. 30:16 And so Jesus may very well being saying
30:18 there in back in Matthew chapter 24 30:20 and verse 5, he says many will come
in my 30:22 name saying I am Christ, they are claiming
30:23 that Jesus is the Christ but they will deceive
30:25 many. Now do we have what we are looking 30:30 for as we go to the study, remember
we’re looking 30:31 for increase in certain things,
30:33 do we have an increase in that today? 30:36 I mean just think about that do we have
increase 30:37 of people out there claiming that Jesus
30:38 is the Christ but teaching all kind of
30:40 hierarchies, I mean extreme not even close
30:42 to being in the Bible. You know there are some
30:45 people that are deceived in small places here
30:46 and there and they may not have every 30:48 doctrine right but they are still serving
the Lord 30:49 and still trying to do what’s right,
30:50 but could you see there are many out there
30:53 that’s also the ministers of the devil, 30:55 ministers of Satan but appear as ministers
30:58 of righteousness. You know I can just take off
31:02 and go to a sermon right here and sometimes 31:03 I fall into that trap when I am giving
this 31:05 Bible study or whenever I am preaching
31:07 an evangelistic sermon in the trap, 31:09 the trap that I fall into is the whole
31:12 prosperity gospel teaching that you find out today
31:15 that the reward for the Christian is now in this
31:18 world when the Bible says the reward for
31:20 the Christian is when Jesus comes. 31:22 You know God wants you to be wealthy,
31:23 he wants you to be just like everything easy
31:26 in this world and you don’t find anything where
31:28 apostles had that, you know they weren’t focus
31:31 on trying to make everybody rich 31:33 in their day, and I just had a real
struggle 31:35 when I hear ministers talking about
how wealthy 31:37 God wants us to be when Jesus himself
31:39 didn’t have a pillow to lay his head on,
31:41 didn’t have a house you know, and you think
31:44 about the disciples themselves they were all,
31:45 they just give everything they had all their means,
31:48 they give their very lives to reach people with
31:50 the truths of Gods word that Jesus is gonna
31:53 come back and they need to be ready, 31:54 they gave it all. But much of the teaching
today 31:56 and I am gonna dare say it I know it
to be 31:59 all over the place I probably get letters
32:00 about it, but I am going to go ahead and say
32:02 it when people are telling you that God is
32:04 concerned about you being rich more than
32:06 they are telling you about God is concerned 32:07 about you getting ready for the kingdom
32:08 of God and being ready for that, that’s a
32:10 minister of Satan, that’s just a lie, 32:14 you know God wants us to be ready for
32:16 the kingdom to come. He doesn’t want us
32:17 to love this world 1 John chapter 2 where he says
32:20 Love not the world, neither the things 32:22 that are in the world.
32:23 For all that is in the world, 32:24 the lust of the flesh, and the lust
of the eyes, 32:26 and the pride of life, is not of the
Father, 32:27 but is of the world. And the world is
passing 32:29 away in the lust there of, but he does
32:31 the will of God will abide forever. 32:33 I mean think about that how does fit
into 32:35 prosperity gospel when he says not to
love 32:37 the things of this world. Anyway I think
32:39 Jesus when he was speaking here I knew 32:41 I take a long time on that but when
Jesus 32:42 was speaking here he was very clear
32:45 in warning us to be watching out for these
32:48 false Christs, these false Apostles that
32:52 would come claiming that Jesus is Christ 32:54 but using it make us love the things
of this 32:56 world and end up being lost.
32:57 We have increase in that. Now without going
32:59 in we will touch on some of these others 33:01 right now because I am bound to do that,
33:03 but we also have him warning of false Christs
33:06 and false Prophets. Hey I know what Jessica
33:09 is trying to tell me a while ago its actually
33:11 in the notes 2 Corinthians 11-15 its that you are
33:13 trying to show me while ago, it is okay, 33:15 well its is in the notes, it is in your
notes 33:17 right there and printed out. Anyway
I got 33:20 a list of, I put a list in the notes
so those 33:24 you have at home you may want to download
33:25 those notes, so you can get the full list because
33:27 we are not going to go through everyone 33:28 of them here, I will touch on a couple
of them 33:30 but remember what we have been asking
33:32 ourselves is there being an increase 33:34 in these things, has there been an increase
33:36 in these things, and the answer is obviously yes.
33:39 And the one we think of especially from here
33:42 in Florida is the fellow with the name of
33:43 Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda. 33:46 Did I said right Roberto, yeah the guy
claims 33:49 to be, he claims to be Jesus Christ
himself 33:51 incarnated, and you would think that’s
silly 33:55 and you would think people would stay
away 33:56 from and droves wouldn’t you. I mean
you would 34:00 think that God couldn’t get one person
to come 34:01 to his so called church but he is a
former 34:05 heronatic, used to be in jail now claims
34:07 to be Jesus Christ incarnated and he got
34:09 people by the millions following around 34:11 all over the world. And they send him
tons 34:13 of money and the guy drives around
34:15 in a nice car, new suites, big rings on his fingers
34:17 and he actually has 666 on his lapel 34:21 and he says that number is the number
34:23 of truth you know something like that 34:25 I caught just enough of watching him
to know 34:27 that Jesus says don’t go watch these
things 34:29 I quit but anyway there is an increase,
34:33 there is definitely an increase in this 34:34 false Christ and that kind of thing,
34:35 and I am not going any further than that
34:37 because I have spent so much time but you can
34:38 through the whole list there and I got a bunch
34:41 of them listed and that’s a short list, 34:43 actually it’s a short list. Let us go
to the next 34:45 one Matthew chapter 24 and verse 7
34:48 is our next text, Matthew chapter 24 34:51 you want to try one more time here,
34:54 my clicker there it goes it clicked, 34:55 Matthew 24 and verse 7 and Jessica
34:58 would you like to read that for us. 35:01 “The nations and kingdoms will proclaim
35:03 war against each other, and there will be famines
35:07 and earthquakes in many parts of the world.”
35:10 Alright I am gonna have to reread that out
35:11 of King James little bit there, 35:13 what Bible you use by the way, NLT,
35:17 New Living Translation, that’s what it is, okay.
35:20 I am gonna slam you anything like that for
35:21 the whole word, but I am gonna have to
35:25 redo this here for out of King James. 35:27 He says: Nation shall rise against nation
35:29 and kingdom against kingdom, 35:31 and so not just they are proclaiming
war 35:34 against one another, but it says there
will be, 35:36 I guess that’s fair enough, the translation
35:38 is fair enough, but the nation arising 35:40 against nation, and kingdom against
kingdom. 35:41 And now remember when Jesus said this,
35:44 what are we looking for Jessica, 35:45 you can tell us on your microphone since
35:47 I have picked on you there. 35:49 Are we looking for wars and rumors of
wars, 35:50 or what we are specifically looking
for, 35:52 an increase, an increase? Yes, that’s
right; 35:56 an increase in wars and rumors of wars
35:58 isn’t that we are looking for. 36:00 I mean when Jesus said that we always
had, 36:02 haven’t we? We’ve always had wars
36:04 and those kind of things going on but 36:06 he says it’s going to be like birth
pains. 36:07 It’s going to be worse than it was before.
36:10 Now currently as I am standing here 36:13 you know we have just you think of the
most 36:16 powerful nation in the world right now
being 36:17 United States. For how long we don’t
know, 36:20 that’s why I say currently we’re standing
here, 36:22 we are standing here but they are just
talking 36:24 about pulling out of one major war,
36:26 and starting up another major war in Afghanistan,
36:28 you are coming out of Iraq and they’ve got
36:29 wars going on all over the place just in
36:31 this nation, and I went on like the internet
36:33 trying to find, you know you can’t believe 36:34 everything you see on the Internet,
36:35 but I try to find something in general 36:36 about how many wars are taking place
36:39 like active wars all over the world right now,
36:41 and the number range anywhere from like 36:43 30 to 100. You know like nobody knows,
36:47 but every time you look, but we are talking
36:49 about active wars where people are killing 36:50 one another on a regular basis all over
36:51 the world. And say we’ll pick the lower 36:54 number 30 you know that’s a lot of wars
36:56 going on at one time. And we are gonna 36:58 put this little graph on the screen
here 37:00 the wars in our century.
37:02 We are talking about the 20th century alone
37:03 World War One, now think about this 15 million
37:07 deaths as a result of war casualty, 15 million,
37:10 15 million that’s a lot of people to die.
37:12 I mean with those numbers around we just
37:14 like its almost like you are just saying a number,
37:17 but can you imagine 15 million people, 37:20 you know that’s, let me see,
37:24 I am trying to think of a major city, 37:25 how many people live in Orlando?
37:26 What’s the population of Orlando? 37:28 You know its not even maybe million
people 37:30 something like that. 8.4 million in
New York City, 37:33 New York City has 8.4 million, so just
imagine 37:35 the entire city of New York being completely
37:38 wiped out and you still that’s only half of
37:40 of what got killed in World War I, 37:42 and they called it the war to end all
wars, 37:44 right, that’s it and we are not going
to have, 37:45 who wants to fight another war after
37:47 all these death and all these tragedy right,
37:48 and no sooner they are trying to get all
37:50 the bodies buried, then World War Two broke out,
37:52 and World War Two after the war that end all
37:55 wars World War Two comes about 55 million deaths
37:59 as a result of war, 55 million death in that
38:02 one war, so in a span of two wars 38:04 you are looking at 70 million, 70 million
38:09 people die and that’s an estimate you know
38:11 give or take few hundred thousand. 38:15 Can you imagine now the reason I put
it up 38:17 like that because I was reading
38:18 and I found in a line, it said it is estimated
38:20 that there has been more deaths in the 38:21 20th century from all wars previously
38:25 in the history of the world, 38:26 so in just one century we’ve seen more
death 38:29 as result of war than all the previous
centuries 38:31 combined. Now I want you to think about
38:34 that as we think about what Jesus said 38:36 it would be like, wha it would be like
again, 38:38 birth pains. In other words its going
to be more 38:40 and more intense, its going to be more
38:41 and more severe the closer we get to the second
38:43 coming of Jesus, and so we definitely had
38:46 an increase in these things. 38:47 We had an increase in the false Christs,
38:50 the false Prophets, and we’ve an increase 38:51 in wars and rumors of wars and the deaths
38:53 as the result of war. Jesus said it will be
38:56 like birth pains. So let us go on now, 39:00 look at the next sign that he gives
us. 39:02 Famines, it’s in the same verse as Jessica
39:04 read there, there will be famines 39:05 in chapter 24 and verse7. And this is
another 39:10 one of those statistics when you go
to 39:11 internet and you try to find that it
varies 39:13 greatly and the deaths per day due to
starvation 39:17 in this world ranges from 35,000 to
100,000. 39:21 And when I put up here I used the upper
39:23 number on that, and I read this article 39:26 one time and it say something like this.
39:28 On September 11, 2001, a 100,000 people died
39:34 as the result of starvation. 39:37 Remember now you think about,
39:39 we think about what’s going on in world right
39:41 now over roughly 3000 people that die 39:44 in New York. Now I am not downplaying
that, 39:45 I mean that was, there was a massive
39:47 casualty, you know I am not downplaying 39:49 what took place on September 11,
39:50 what I am making a point of here is Jesus
39:53 said there will be an increase in starvation 39:55 and what we are having right now with
39:57 a 100,000 people dying on this world every day
39:59 from starvation, 800 million people go hungry
40:01 a year, and then I don’t know what it turns
40:05 out to per year starving to death but 40:07 that’s pretty heavy famines.
40:09 And I was reading another thing 40:10 and I haven’t able to confirm this,
40:14 but I have no reason to doubt this. 40:16 So, I am gonna just throw it out there,
40:17 and somebody can either send me a letter 40:18 let me know I’m wrong or right or whatever,
40:20 but I understand the Government used store
40:23 food in caves and things like that 40:25 in United States, used to store all
kind of food 40:27 for like three years to supply,
40:28 so if we had a bad year whatever then another
40:31 Governments in the world will do the same things
40:32 and then if you had a bad year, 40:33 you’ve something to fall back on but
the 40:35 Government said, I don’t know if this
is true, 40:37 I don’t know what politician had,
40:38 where his head was when he taught of this idea,
40:40 they say you know what we found that its
40:42 cheaper to pay farmers not to grow crops 40:46 than it is to pay take over and store
it. 40:49 So, and I know farmers, myself in Kentucky
40:52 they get money for not growing certain crops
40:54 certain times and things like that, 40:55 they paid not to grow crops, and so
I have 40:56 to reason to doubt the story,
40:58 buts I think its fascinating because 40:59 if you are not storing food and you
don’t have 41:01 a put back, and you don’t have a bad
year 41:02 then what happens? People go hungry,
41:05 lots of people may go hungry, 41:07 and all over the world right now people
41:08 are already going hungry. So, Jesus said
41:12 there would be an increase in these things,
41:13 and you think about a 100,000 people a day
41:14 if that’s an accurate number or even 35000
41:17 if that’s an accurate number, 41:18 how many years do we have to go through
41:20 before more people are starving to death over
41:22 a certain period of time than what to used
41:24 to exist on the planet before 1800. 41:27 I was looking at the graph before the
year 41:29 1800 from after the flood to thy 1800
41:32 we had not reached a billion people on the
41:34 planet, hadn’t reached 1 billion 41:36 people by the year 1800. Are you aware
of that, 41:38 there wasn’t a billion people population
41:40 in the world in the year 1800 and 41:43 from 1800 to now, we are running up
on 41:45 to 8 billion. So, it took basically
6000 years 41:49 to reach, 4000 years, whatever to reach
41:52 1 billion and then we went to 7 billion, 41:55 8 billion since then in little over
100 years, 41:59 150 years or whatever, so there is something
42:02 to think about. Famines are gonna increase 42:04 Jesus say it would be that way.
42:05 He also said there will be an increase 42:06 in pestilences. Now you all know what
42:10 pestilence is right. I used to be pestilence, 42:15 yeah my brother used to tell me that.
42:18 A pestilence is not little brother or 42:20 little sister, right, a pestilence is
disease. 42:22 Now as we’re standing here now just
talking 42:24 to Pastor Scott today before we come
in here 42:27 and this whole H1N1 thing I was looking
42:29 on a news channel, Fox News Channel 42:32 as a matter of fact, and they were talking,
42:35 they passed the law in Massachusetts 42:37 that they are gonna to have mandatory
flu 42:41 vaccinations in that state. And if you
refuse 42:43 to do it, then they are gonna be able
to say 42:46 force you to do it, and it still would
be 42:47 mandatory counting, and there is some
law 42:51 that passed and the Governor said
42:53 he is going to sign it and its all going 42:54 through and its on Fox News I thought
42:56 well this is strange that we have flu, 42:59 the flu bug is around every year,
43:00 you know everybody has a flu, 43:01 this particular thing, they are really
43:03 worried about. They are thinking it maybe
43:05 this great pandemic that may kill tons of people.
43:07 You know who knows how many, 43:08 I mean direct to flu virus kills 40
to 50,000 year, 43:11 direct to flu virus in United States
kills 43:13 40 to 50000 people a year, and now
43:16 they are talking about this one, 43:17 and they are so worried about it, they
got 43:18 to make everybody mandatory, is anacoluthon
43:22 the right word or its vaccination, 43:23 they are gonna make everybody take the
43:25 vaccination. Now to me if they are that 43:30 worried about it that sounds like there
maybe 43:32 some kind of increase in things that
43:34 we’ve never seen before. I’ve never heard
43:35 of H1N1 and I found out that H1N1 is not
43:39 a swine flu as so popularly said today. 43:42 H1N1 is a combination of the swine flu,
43:44 and the bird flu, and a human flu gene, 43:48 they all three of them have together,
43:49 they came together they said in a pig 43:51 and then it come to a human and then
43:53 here are spreading from human to human, 43:55 so an increase Jesus said there would
be Ebola, 43:59 AIDS, bird flu, and there is a whole
list 44:01 of diseases that are relatively you
think 44:03 hey that’s not a new increase.
44:04 Yes it is because it was just, I can remember
44:07 being a little kid and people first started
44:10 really talking about the AIDS, 44:12 you know people dying of AIDS and things
44:14 like that, and but now its now like a common thing,
44:17 so these things, there is an increase 44:19 in these kind of people dying from it.
44:20 I understand that in third world countries, 44:22 and lot of poor ones starvation is like
the 44:24 number one killer, AIDS is up on number
44:26 three now. You know as far as the 44:28 death toll goes, there are people dying
44:30 of AIDS, so an increase Jesus said there 44:32 would be. And we are actually up in
numbers 44:35 on all these things taking place.
44:37 Now is that enough to scare you to death. 44:41 I mean if I, if you want a Christian,
44:43 if I want a Christian I would have calls 44:44 for Paul don’t you think you would do,
44:46 just thinking about the things that are going on.
44:50 Many people are scared right now, 44:53 but Jesus has told us these things.
44:54 The reason he tells these things in advance,
44:56 you remember what in our previous study 44:58 that Jesus says in John chapter,
45:02 that’s right Shalida, he tells us before it comes
45:04 to path that when it comes to path 45:06 then we can believe. God is telling
us these things 45:10 in advance, so that we are not afraid
45:12 when we see that happen. 45:13 This is the purpose of this study not
to 45:15 scare people, but so we can be ready,
45:18 that we won’t be afraid, we won’t be scared
45:20 when we see these things take place. 45:22 Earthquakes now, the Bible say there
will be 45:25 an increase in earthquakes.
45:26 Now just of to USGS website it says according
45:29 to long term records since about 1900, 45:31 we expect about 17 major earthquakes
7 to 7.9 45:34 and one great earthquake 8.0 or above
45:36 in any given year. This year right now I know
45:39 over this past week we had two you know, 45:43 so there are increase in earthquakes.
45:45 There is a lot of arguments out here back
45:47 and forth on the internet as far as whether
45:48 there is an increase, and one of the arguments
45:50 I think is very funny because Jesus said
45:52 there will be earthquakes in diverse places.
45:54 In another words it would be in places 45:55 that people will be recognizing it,
you know 45:57 seems to be going on. And I’ve actually
45:59 heard people saying, well actually its not
46:00 really more increase in earthquakes than
46:01 it used to be, its just that they are in
46:03 populated areas. You know more people are
46:06 dying from there because where they are
46:07 happening out, but there is not really increase
46:08 in earthquakes. Well if he was God and 46:10 he was gonna allow people to woke up
46:12 and they realizes that the time of the 46:13 end was near, and the sin was abounding,
46:15 and these things are taking place would 46:17 you allow things to happen.
46:18 Remember the Lord just he doesn’t force 46:21 bad things to happen, but he lets the
devil 46:22 do things, and that’s another study,
46:24 another argument right. But these things are
46:26 happening on increase scale even to this
46:31 very day we are seeing things happen. 46:33 Now Jesus said there will be increase
46:35 in wars and rumors or wars. 46:38 He said there will be increase in false
Christs 46:40 and false prophets. He said there will
be 46:42 increase in pestilence, diseases and
all these 46:44 kind of things taking place. He said
there 46:46 will be an increase in earthquakes,
46:47 and all these things have been taking place.
46:50 I wish, I wish this was a two part study 46:52 at this moment because there is a lot
of 46:54 other things James chapter 5 verses
1-5, 46:57 Revelation chapter 18, where it talks
about 46:59 economic collapse from problems in
47:02 James chapter 5 verse 1-5 it talks about like
47:04 in the last days men have heaped treasure 47:06 together for themselves for the last
days, 47:07 is going to come to nothing and that
47:09 kind of thing. So, the Bible is like predicting
47:10 economic problems as well, and we see that
47:12 going on today. People are really worried 47:14 about their 201Ks, now it used be 401Ks
47:17 but they have been cut in half, 47:18 so we call them 201Ks now right.
47:20 Things, all these other things are signs as well,
47:22 we are focusing on just basically on the ones
47:24 in Matthew 24. Let us go to the next one
47:26 here because here is one that gets ignored 47:29 often times Matthew chapter 24
47:31 and verse 12, Matthew 24 and verse 12, 47:33 I will read this one. He says,
47:35 after he says in verse 11 false Christs 47:38 and false prophets he said because iniquity
47:39 shall abound, the love of many will wax cold.
47:42 Now what is iniquity its sin or actually 47:46 the outplaying or the practicing of
sin, 47:47 you know iniquity shall abound.
47:49 In other words it’s going to be just common sin
47:51 and equity is going to be a common thing. 47:53 And so Jesus says this is gonna happen
47:55 and because of that the love of many will wax cold.
47:58 And you just almost any day you turn on
48:00 the news you can see where moms have 48:02 abandoned her child, or they killed
their parents, 48:04 these kinds of things, its just a regular
thing, 48:06 it doesn’t even fazes us anymore. I
mean 48:08 whenever someone goes in and shoot up
48:09 at school, and kill the people; 48:11 it used to be the top headlines for
weeks. 48:13 Now it may get a day in the news,
48:15 and two days in the news and then it’s done,
48:17 because it’s such a common thing. 48:19 He says it will be common, it will abound.
48:21 And Matthew 24 and verse 37 as well, 48:25 look at Matthew chapter 24 and verse
37. 48:28 Miss Glory would you like to read that
one 48:29 for us Matthew 24 and verse 37 because
48:31 after he says the iniquity shall abound 48:33 and all these things are gonna take
place, 48:35 he compares it to something else its
near 48:37 sort of second coming he compares it
to 48:39 something else and what is that Gloria.
48:41 But as the days of Noah were, 48:44 so shall also the coming of the Son
of Man be. 48:48 Right as the days of Noah so shall
48:50 be when Jesus comes. How was it in days 48:52 of Noah? How was it, that’s where we’re
gonna 48:54 go to now, Genesis chapter 6 and verse
5 48:56 and 11, Genesis 6: 5 and 11,
49:06 I am going to go ahead and read that one,
49:09 Genesis 6:5: “And God saw that the 49:12 wickedness of man was great in the earth,
49:15 and that every imagination of the thoughts 49:17 of his heart was only evil continually.
49:19 You know when you think of the days before,
49:21 when you think of the day of flood, 49:22 most of the times when we think about,
49:23 and think of this. How bad the people 49:24 must have been, they must have been
49:25 so wicked in doing this and doing that right.
49:27 But I want you to notice something here 49:29 that is written here by in the Book
of Moses, 49:31 the first Book of Moses, and he says
49:33 even the imagination and the thoughts of
49:35 their heart were evil continually. 49:36 In other words even when they weren’t
49:38 doing something evil, they were thinking 49:40 something evil. Now Jesus said I will
be like it 49:43 was in the days of Noah.
49:45 Just think for a minute, do you think 49:48 and I like to run this by people
49:49 when I give a study or when I am preaching 49:50 specially do you think that you would
49:52 have liked the people in days of Noah. 49:56 I think you would have and here is
49:57 why I say that because Jesus said 50:00 in a very end of time in the last days,
50:01 it would be like, it was in the days of Noah.
50:03 The most, for most part like the people 50:05 around and think for the most part people
50:06 in general seems to be pretty good, 50:08 don’t we, don’t we kind see that, but
notice 50:10 here in the context of the text,
50:11 it says their very thoughts will be evil
50:13 continually. In other words even the ones
50:16 that weren’t doing something bad they 50:18 were planning to, or they were thinking
50:19 about it, just like it was in the days of Noah.
50:23 Now man I wish I wasn’t running out of time,
50:25 look at verse 11, verse 11 for minute, 50:28 same chapter verse 11.
50:30 “The earth also was corrupt before God, 50:32 and the earth was filled with violence”.
50:35 So what was like in the days of Noah, 50:37 men and women were thinking evil thoughts
50:39 even when they weren’t practicing they 50:41 were thinking it and the earth was filled
50:42 with violence. I remember being a kid, 50:44 a hidden kid and the worst thing that
50:47 I can remember like on just general regular
50:50 television was like the wrestling, 50:52 you know what I mean the wrestling was
50:53 going on right, and Hulk Hogan and these guys,
50:55 do you know they have taken that 50:56 and graduated that to our day right
now. 50:58 They got this caged blood match things
51:00 where the guys actually get in and they 51:01 fight each other like bare firsts bludgeon
51:04 each other, I mean they get blood 51:05 I haven’t seen it, I’ve seen the previews
51:07 and I’ve been at peoples home, 51:08 I don’t go and watch that garbage because
51:09 I don’t fill my mind with the evil things 51:11 like that. But I want you to think what
things 51:13 have graduated to on the televisions
and 51:16 in people’s home and what we think of
as common 51:18 today, the common things, and that’s
51:21 why I think if we take ourselves back in the
51:23 days of Noah and Jesus said it would be like
51:24 it was in the days of Noah. 51:26 I think you probably would like most
of the people. 51:29 We wouldn’t have thought them as being
51:30 necessarily that bad, but God is the center
51:34 of our hearts the Bible tells us. 51:36 And so I like to point that out when
51:37 I am giving the study that in the days of Noah
51:39 they were pretty bad and just like we are today,
51:43 just like we are today. Now lets go back to
51:45 the Book of Matthew, Matthew chapter 24,
51:50 okay I got Tom, I’m gonna do these, 51:52 everybody go to Matthew 24, and I am
going 51:55 to continue on to the gospel, I mean
51:57 to the Book or Romans, the Book of Romans 51:59 just to make it I finalize this point
because 52:02 this is one of the strongest points
I believe, 52:03 what makes me really feel like we are
living 52:05 in a very end of time and this
52:07 is going to help certified that 52:09 a little bit. I am going to read
52:10 Romans chapter 1 starting verse 25 52:12 and I think we have time to make it
52:13 through this, so let us go now. He says: 52:16 They changed the truth of God into a
lie, 52:17 and worshiped and served the creature
52:19 more than the Creator, who is blessed forever.
52:21 Amen. Verse 26: For this cause God gave 52:23 them up unto vile affections:
52:25 for even their women did change the natural
52:27 use of that which is against nature: 52:29 And likewise also the men, leaving the
natural 52:31 use of the woman, burned in their lust
one 52:34 toward another; men with men working
52:36 that which is unseemly, and receiving 52:37 in themselves that recompence of their
error 52:39 which was meet. You know what he is
talking about. 52:41 And even as they did not like to retain
God 52:44 in their knowledge, God gave them over
to a 52:45 reprobate mind, or the mind void of
judgment 52:48 is a better translation of that, a mind
void 52:49 of judgment, to do those things which
52:52 are not convenient. Verse 29: 52:54 Being filled with, and I am gonna go
through 52:55 this quick, so listen quickly, okay,
52:57 Being filled with all unrighteousness, 52:58 fornication, wickedness, covetousness,
53:00 maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate,
53:02 deceit, malignity; whisperers, back biters,
53:03 haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, 53:05 inventors of evil things, disobedient
to parents, 53:08 we are just going to a list of bunch
of wicked 53:09 things right. You are shaking your head,
53:11 how do they do that, without understanding 53:13 covenant breakers, without natural affection
53:15 implacable and merciful. Now verse 32 53:17 I’ll slow down, ready Who knowing the
53:19 judgment of God, that they which commit 53:21 such things are worthy of death,
53:22 you know the same people that commit such
53:24 things are worthy of death, 53:25 we are talking eternal death, we’re
talking God 53:26 destroying them right not on our own
works, 53:29 but not only do the same, but have pleasure
53:32 in them that do them. In other word we say
53:35 as Christians oh I would never do these things,
53:38 I would never be unrighteousness, 53:40 fornication, wickedness, covetousness,
53:41 full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, 53:43 all these kind of stuff, I would never
think 53:44 to do those things. But he goes on and
says 53:46 but those people that take pleasure
in those 53:48 who do them, i.e. television.
53:53 The last day I believe when Jesus says 53:56 he was like in the days of Noah and
their 53:58 thoughts and intense of their hearts
was 53:59 evil continually is taking place right
now as even 54:01 in the Christian church people sit and
watch 54:03 all kinds of garbage on TV and say that’s
not 54:05 affecting me. I think its one of the
strongest 54:07 signs that helps us realize we’re living
54:09 in the last days, just like it was in the days
54:11 of Noah. Now lets close up right here with
54:13 our last text, our next to last text, 54:16 Matthew chapter 24 and verse 14,
54:18 somebody already there ready to read that Tom,
54:21 I think you’ll be ready Matthew 24 and verse 14.
54:24 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached
54:27 in all the world as a witness to all 54:29 the nations, and then the end will come.
54:31 Now we are up on the good, bright side 54:32 of things right, so all these things
are gonna 54:34 happen, then what’s going to take place,
54:36 what’s taking place in here right now, 54:39 not just these studies that are going
to all 54:41 the world, but there are ministries
everywhere 54:43 that’s preaching the truth of God’s
word into 54:45 all the world, even if the churches
that seem 54:47 to be often times dead and sleep and
not saying 54:49 and doing anything, just doing absolutely
nothing, 54:51 the good news is that God is sending
his people 54:54 and his faithful people are going to
all over 54:55 the world right now and they are preaching
54:56 this gospel. And then what Jesus say after
54:59 the gospel is preached Tom, read till we get
55:00 to the last part what’s going to happen 55:02 as the gospel is preached,
55:04 then the end will come, then the end will come.
55:08 So rather would looks like things just impossible
55:10 and can’t go any further Jesus says the end
55:12 will come. For our appeal when I, 55:17 when we get the study they appeal here,
55:18 he promises the end will come. 55:20 Matthew chapter 24 and verse 33,
55:22 and I’ll read this one, look what he says,
55:25 so like wise. When you shall see all of
55:28 these things, all of what things, all the
55:31 things we went through, all the bad things
55:34 that are taking place, all the wickedness 55:37 that’s in the world, when it gets like
it was 55:38 in the days of Noah, when it get just
like 55:40 that and you study what happened in
the days 55:42 of Noah, you know the end is near and
55:43 he says when you see all these things take place
55:45 including the preaching of the gospel unto all
55:49 the world for witness, that’s the last major
55:53 sign then he says then the end will come.
56:00 You know what our challenge is, 56:03 the challenge for you at home,
56:05 the challenge for us here in the classroom 56:07 knowing what you know is to finish the
last 56:10 part that Jesus said would take place
just 56:13 before he comes, and it take this truth
56:15 of the gospel to your neighbors, 56:17 to your friends, to your enemies,
56:20 you fix that problem right and then the end
56:24 will come. I want to encourage those folks
56:27 at home to do like you guys have decided to do,
56:30 come experience life, do commercial here,
56:33 because you learn, you learn you get the basics
56:36 for tools, how to go out and share this gospel
56:39 with the world to everyone in the world, 56:41 everyone you meet, you run into and
I promise 56:44 you this, as you, as we finish up that
we go 56:47 through this classes here and as you
people 56:49 at home, as you study you mark this
up in 56:50 your Bible, God is going to give you
opportunities 56:53 to share this message that you’re learning.
56:55 He is going to give you opportunities now
56:58 and the encouraging thing what is that we want
57:00 to do is we want to be faithful in delivering 57:02 this message. Again he says when you
see 57:05 all these things take place,
57:09 you know the end is near, he is getting ready
57:10 to come. These are all taking place, 57:14 its going to the world, do you want
to be 57:17 part of it, you know in the appeal even
57:20 in that second Bible study the appeal 57:21 is do you want to be part of this,
57:22 you teach them how to become fishers of men
57:24 just like the Bible calls us out to be.
57:27 You can come and visit our website at 57:29 www.come experiencelife.com
57:32 you can download this study 57:34 and get the details that we didn’t all
fill 57:35 as we walk through the study talking
about it. 57:38 You can find them on the paper work
that 57:41 comes with the study, or you can download
57:42 the videos and watch them as well.