25 years in the schools, part 2

In the last column I outlined the history and history of CARE’s National Financial Education Program, which I founded, in our struggle against the national epidemic of financial illiteracy.

I also included some quotes from students and Tami Franz after a recent visit to the Canandaigua Academy.

John Ninfo leads a discussion on CARE's National Financial Education Program.

Before I leave my high school CARE presentations, I’d like to include the ten most important lessons I cover, with three goals in mind. First, reinforce what students have or will learn about personal finances in class or at home. Second, teach students some additional personal finance lessons, tactics, and techniques. Third, activate students to realize that they have to learn more about finances and never stop learning, so that they are not taken advantage of by the financial industry, and thus also realize the importance of always having a financial plan in life, and develop good financial habits, so that they can achieve All their professional and life goals.

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