how is it going lads welcome back to a brand new video in today's video what I've got for you is a bunch of 81 plus double guarantees these are my favourite SBC's out of all of them the 82 plus is a pretty wack I'm not a big fan of them but the 81 plus guarantee is probably my favourite SBC I mean the league a species like the 25k pack that League specific gets quite close especially during team in the season time but I have to say the 81 plus double guarantee is fantastic I've got ten of them on my playstation account if we don't get anything good I'll jump over to my Xbox account or do 10 more or however many plays I probably my club on my xbox can't think I've got a locks I did a lot of a lot of packs on there previously but I'll jump onto my Xbox account if we don't get anything in these and hopefully do some more and hopefully get something good now of course we do have all the future stars out I've already packed Hubbert's but these are untrainable so if I pack anything I don't have a single and tradable future star so that'd be fantastic and anything you know decent would be fantastic as well anything high rated for icon crafting would be pretty decent so Before we jump into actually is about saying let's jump into it Before we jump into it I did the rare the rare mix players not the right mix place but the what's it called the basically did player pick one so what could you roll that for you now alright the future stars challenge has been completed I don't know why my microphone says is picking up way too much audio I apologize if it's really bad but we get an engine car for some reason and we've got a rare players thing I'm not expecting anything from this but you never know DeMaria to be fair 84 we'll take it it's not the worst in the world you know what that's not the West in the world we store that that's alright it's not too bad the Moriya is not too bad from that if you ask me I've got absolutely nothing from them so anyway let's start making it dent on these 10 packs and and see if we can get anything good I'm seeing people all over Twitter on live streams getting decent pools so hopefully we can follow suit and get something decent the first one's gonna be Glick I did clear my club out of a lot of untradable 83 so any 83 shouldn't be untrainable do because until we start getting far into these packs that should be a tradable duplicate so if I swap them stick them on the transfer list but it Bing but a boom that is a tradable dupe let me quickly meet my phone a source aid I have to listen to that was for opening the pack so pack and number two if we get at least one walk out from 10 I'll be happy if we get multiple walk outs I'll be very happy if we get any pink cards that our future stars I'll also be incredibly happy anything of that nature will be fantastic and we are gonna get ourselves a leg let's so I think that's 280 twos in one pack honestly it's kind of crazy I feel that you get less 82's or sorry an 88 what a filler you get less 82's in these then you've got in the 82 plus packs and they're the ones that are 82 plus only so I don't know maybe I'm being a bit maybe maybe maybe I'm a bit off with that but it's just what I feel with these these always feel really good for me so I hope we can get something good from them as we get another board drop so that's 2 out of 3 packs so far what's this gonna be Portuguese goalkeeper it's gonna be a Louie Patricio who if it's a duplicate again will be a tradable dupe as opposed to an untrainable dupe it'd be nice to get something good from these though and a florenzi it's not actually too bad to be fair it's got a pretty decent card this year suddenly I don't think I'll be overusing him anytime soon with my second inform can't sell Oh in the club we've got seven of these left hopefully we can get something good from one of these seven packs I'm really hoping for a walk out come on yeh please no walk out from this one sadly it's not even gonna be a board job that's disappointing to be honest I'm seeing a lot of people a lot of people getting a lot of good stuff on Twitter so far so I'm really hoping I could join that club and get myself a walk out and one of these packs maybe it'll be on my xbox account if we do though that's 280 twos and one pack though it's not too bad but boards are what we want come on we're at the halfway mark with this pack again no walk out it's gonna be a board though I mean we'll take a board aboard every other pack it seems like so far that's not too shabby but you know we're kind of looking to get higher than that a soul got a weird feeling saw might be an untrainable duplicate I'm hoping he won't be I'm trying to think into all the 85s on my club I don't think he's an untrainable duplicate but he might be I hope he's not because yes okay nice any 85 and tradeable is fantastic for icon crafting we've got five of these left if we don't get a walk out one of these I'll be pretty disappointed not gonna like come on yay no walk out sadly come on please I'm gonna skip that because we don't want to see any non boards pop out on this video I just don't want to got a sign a who I believe we're really tall yeah six foot five and Valbuena nothing too great though we'll we've got four left come on yay please give us a walk out come on come on no walk out again disappointing we've got an inform what it's gonna be somewhat decent I'm guessing hopefully I don't know who this is it's gonna be like seventy six eight or something eight you are of course it can be 81 rate it's an a you want Plus Pack one we're talking about okay 81 bit Thomas don't and don't think he sells for anything I'll quickly check I'm top rack eight you want Tom's you selling for anything but got market value 15k I mean it's not too bad it's an in-form in the club we've got a three left though come on please say that this one's got the Walker in it please come on yay no walk out again it's disappointing not gonna lie be something decent Brazilian centre back it's gonna be Philippe I mean to be fair I always hoping from around of that I've got duplicato none tradable more under 283 it's not bad I've would have gotten uncredible around us so that would make no sense if I got more under I wouldn't even be happy that be an untreatable deep and I probably discard it so I'm guessing it's not too bad that got that one and as you can tell I'm still a little bit I've got a bit of a chesty cough but I need four it's not bad we're taking 84 but I'm recovering I am recovering from her from this chesty cough and that might be Dupin tradable it's not thank God for that alright we'll store that okay that's one on the PlayStation account come on yeh please give us a walk out I praise these packs so highly and then we don't get a walk out in ten that is very disappointing yay you've disappointed me once again I did a bad thing I've done a bad thing I did a bad I saw that there was 50k packs out I had it on 12,000 fief points I did a bad thing I did it bad you know what guys if you're watching this video right now if you're watching at this point in the video I just wanna quit you plug something real quick because I've just I've just put in 12,000 feet boys it's been 80 pounds of my money down below and leave the video if you're on PC and if you're not I don't think this is not chin but if you're on PC there should be an option to join the channel as a member now it is a paid membership but you do get exclusive communication benefits and and input to what videos come out on the channel for example this is something I've never played before but I wanted to plug it on the video because I wanted to I wanted to see what the feedback would be like on it so if you want to join as a member you get exclusive member benefits and the exclusive member benefits is that you get input onto what videos go on to the channel so all you have to do is click join down below think you need to enter payment details into YouTube it's like five pounds a month but it helps me out very much and and of course you get the benefits of being a member you also get a a badge next to your name in the comment section down below and opportunities to use the customer mouse on the channel so I plug it if you're mobile there should be a link in the description somewhere for you guys to join our mobile but let's quickly plug that because it's January CPM is rough and I'd spent eighty pounds of my own money on fifa stupidly so yeah please help me please feed my children I beg no I'm just kidding but but no I saw I plugged that and you know for anyone watching the channel that wants to support the channel be greatly appreciated I don't want to like shove it in your face which is why I didn't say at the start the video anything I just want to see you know but a sort of plug there so anyway let's get back to the 50k pipes which haven't been amazing so far we get to get a walk out in this video and that isn't great so hopefully that can change and the good thing about it is that we are getting a lot of rare players here that we can use I think it just pop someone face us but then we can use for the 81 plus SBC packs which is good Khedira ok Kadir is alright 85 not too shabby but yeah all these 85 is going to be decent or the 84 is gonna be decent 4s PCs and all the rare play is going to be great for 8 yuan plus packs so we're gonna open up the last of these 6 packs and then hopefully from one of the 8 yuan plus packs we can get something good because this is quite rough I'm not enjoying this so far this is just this pack opening session is just not going very well for me not going very well for me at all we are getting absolutely nothing so yeh if you could if you could change that they'll be greatly appreciated because this is just not there's a bit rough it's been very rough for me so we have got 550 K packs left to go come on yeh hook us up with a walkout how am I not getting walkouts in 50k packs like come on bro come on bro even if you give me like a give me false hope if anything this is kind of ridiculous you know I mean this is this is actually kind of ridiculous think this is the fourth or fifth Johnstone's that I've had today in these 50k packs so yeah another discard we don't really want Johnstone da we really don't we've got four left come on walk out there we go that's what I like to see give us a pink it's not a pink come on we're now a Belgian center-forward Martens I think he's the cheapest Belgian walk out I'm not entirely sure but I think he might be what it's Merton so for us a question twenty-eight thousand coins it's not good it's not good you know what if Merton sold it be happy he sells 28k you know I can't I can't really complain but uh but we'll go on we got three left back-to-back walk outs maybe maybe not maybe not let me move the camera as well a little bit so you can see the top of my head so I'm not hiding underneath the camera or over the camera and if I like that there we go and that's an on board as well so we've got two packs left come on ei give us one more walk out please it was one more walk out today just not a good day for my pack look I guess today is just not a good day it's just not a good day when we're not we're not looking good right now we're not looking good we've got a William Carvalho Amin's 84 he's not too shabby but he's not amazing we've got one more of these left and then I'll open up a 55 k as well come on no Walker gain man what are these packs these packs I'm not very good at all this is this is just not going very good I'm seeing people get is so much good pack blue today and I'm getting absolutely nothing just annoying it's just irritating more than anything but I like so I'm gonna go and day so they going on with my H box count I'm gonna go submit all these players into into the SBC the 8 yuan plus and hopefully we can get ourselves a walk out finally probably not but who knows but before that we're gonna open up 155 K pack and these better than 50 K packs we'll see no walk out nice dude great one of what a pack yikes I'll see you when I build some more 81 pluses I think this is the fifth of the second set or the seventh I guess so we've done 17 of these I yes I did not realize that we've done 17 so can I open up this seven and then we're going to do three more so it's rounded up to 20 it just looks better for the tile I guess let's be honest with ourselves but you know what we're still going to do it anyway as we gain on board I'm honestly at this point given my pack look today I personally like don't understand sometimes pack look like I don't know maybe it's just me I just sometimes can't understand how one day you getting credit lucky other days you don't get it could it be lucky when like it's look you know but then again it is look so it's just an undefined entity I guess anyway we're opening packs maybe I'm just sorry that I'm not getting anything maybe that's a factor you know you could think about that anyway we've got five left I'm gonna stop waffling now we've got a five left come on hey please give us one walk out I love collecting untradable cards man give us one walk out get somewhat decent please ei there's lots hands alright I think I'm I already half of no I hope well I've got a flashbac I just hope I haven't already got him untradable in the club okay we have a nice that's another 85 in the club that's decent come on for more please ei give us a walk out yikes did my look is has not been there for these packs I praise them highly maybe they're just not very good maybe these packs aren't very good I think that I've got his tradable version in the club I'm hoping I have sugar okay we haven't sadly that's a dupe and tradable discarded come on EA maybe these packs are just awful maybe they're just bad maybe that's what it is maybe they're just bad packs come on prove that they're not bad packs for me prove to me they're not bad packs mixed Tories all right we'll store him I think I don't think I have him already or I hope I don't have them already all right come on two left and then we'll do three more just to round it off 220 just not going well for me today's just not going well we've got another uniform don't be the same guy French this time sent about dis silver I think this is the silver ya the silver saw this guy a few times and a bunch of team of the week packs yikes dude just a big yikes from me Christine sends a dupe discard all right last one of the seventh I'm gonna do three more to run it off come on man how are we not getting walkouts I'm mud I'm angry all right I'll see you guys in a built 3 more the last of the three have been crafted now but I go walk out then that's no walk out in 20 and these packs have been deemed not worth it if we get walk out and it's decent perhaps we reconsider but at this point in time I am gonna give these packs of fat dislike I just think these packs are awful I don't think they are worth the 11 rares I would much prefer to do 20 of the league upgrades that are league specific 25k packs the new 20 of these so far we've had absolutely nothing so we've got two left just even get anything good then again as well I will say my pack Club today has been absolutely whoa so that also might play a factor if you want to decide that unlike those up to you but if you go do these and you're considering it and you wanted to watch a YouTube root of forehand or a YouTube video beforehand then take from this video what you want to take from it and do them or don't do them based on what you think of this video anyway lads want to thank you for watching thank you for subscribing liking comments and all that good stuff and I'll see you lads later