the minister responsible for keeping cyclists safe came face to face with some of the hazards on London's roads for himself today Roberts goodwill pedaled his way from Kings Cross to Lambeth admitting parts of the route were confusing well tonight the debate over safety of stepping up another gear as you can see on your screens is a live shot of hundreds of people who've joined a protest in central London aimed at bringing an end to the rise of number of deaths on London streets now we will be live with our with our reporter Ruth banks in just a moment but here she is now looking back at the story if you're one of London's avid cyclists you'll know every inch of your route to work the bits where you feel safe and the junctions that make you scared today the cycling Minister tried to make your commute his own with a two hour tour at the Capitol cycle routes while it was quite an eye-opener I mean I do cycle in every morning but it's just down the river side from Pimlico on the cycle superhighway number eight so this was sort of showing me the very best and sadly the very worst of the cycling environment here in London Royal College Street in camera was fantastic they've got like segregation and what people sometimes called armadillos in the road bolted to the road to show where the cycle lane is so that not so good some quite good bits but other bits were completely confusing we went down a street that was meant to be for cyclists but we were supposed to sort of mount the pavement onto a cycling bike safety has rocketed up the political agenda following a recent spate of fatal accidents 14 cyclists have been killed on London's roads this year and in response the met police launched a special operation to improve road safety on Monday targeting anyone cyclists or motorists who were potentially putting lives at risk in the first three days they handed out 1392 fines to car and lorry drivers 755 were handed de cyclists and five driving related arrests were made but many cyclists still don't feel that enough is being done when I think both wheels of the lorry went directly over the two sides of the bike isabelle far key is lucky it was just her bike that failed to survive a crash with a lorry an old street yesterday she doesn't think that cyclists should be sharing the roads with HGVs at all I'd like to see some kind of regulation like they do in Paris where lorries huge HD bees aren't allowed to drive in central London during the day or where they have to have some sensors all the way around or maybe the cycle ends that properly demarcated with like concrete boundaries it shouldn't be a question of commuting cyclists sharing the road with huge huge lorries you just have massive lines for Transport for London is spending nearly 1 billion pounds on better cycle lanes the question is will that be enough well as I mentioned earlier there is a massive protest going on with hundreds of cyclists in central London at the moment arif banks is with them now so what is it they're hoping to achieve Ruth well the protesters here tonight say that they want to see an end to deaths and serious injuries on our roads even today a woman in her 40s was taken to hospital after a collision with a lorry on kensington high road well joining me now is tom at kearney a road safety campaigner Tom Transport for London are spending a billion pounds on improving cycle safety they're introducing more segregated cycle lanes and remodeling dozens of junctions they say they're listening why do you need an event like this um well I mean obviously the spate of deaths of pedestrians and cyclists certainly the last three weeks just goes to show you the roads are not safe for vulnerable road users that's why we need this they say it takes time though they're working flat out to deliver the sort of changes that cyclists have been demanding don't you need to give them a bit of time absolutely not I mean the issue now is these a half half measures don't count do you realize this year there were eighty-three percent increase in fatalities from buses TFLs buses and the managers of tfl gave themselves the largest bonuses ever it shouldn't be getting bonuses if more people are dying well the managers of tfl aren't here at the moment to respond sir to that but they are bringing in a safer than Laurie charge for HD vs which don't have safety equipment and an HGV task force of police that their funding miniatures of tfl don't even keep records or have any information about how many of their own bus drivers have been convicted or prosecuted for dangerous driving there's lotsa tfl could be doing it's not they've been a lot of protests like this in the past it will do what are you trying to achieve here um well it's quite simple to alert people the number of people lying in there was less than the number of people since Boris Johnson has been mayor that who had been killed or seriously injured in collisions with tfl buses that's a huge number of people out there and guess what it's less than the number of people that have been killed in seriously injured by TFLs buses Tom thank you well there's been 14 deaths so far this year on London's roads that's the same as for the whole of 2013 there is one thing that transport for london and the protesters agree on and that is they don't want to see any more