the following program includes graphic images and mature subject matter intended for adult audiences viewer discretion is advised tonight on sixteen by nine a brutal gang rape we will not have women being blamed for rape anymore international outrage and a rush to justice [Applause] and then the gunning down of a president in the brain memories of the moment fifty years later two shots closer together playing bang I suppose her shots shut the bus and I saw people running up the Nemus be chasing a gunman and a dip in the pool some people prefer to us is underwater rockin like you've never seen before here's Carolyn Jarvis good evening and welcome to sixteen by nine it's a crime that cast the shadow over an entire nation almost a year ago in New Delhi a young woman was brutally gang-raped on a bus and later died the worldwide outrage over the case led to speedy arrests and death sentences but as Nisha pooja explains it's a rush to justice that some say may have obscured the truth New Delhi India a bustling city of 17 million people living parallel lives as the country lurches forward the gods keep watch from above on the evening of December 16 2012 a series of events began to unfold that would in many ways reveal the struggles of a country at war with itself solidus Umberto arkad entire Sandhya I'm gonna say I'm torpid in the other support I which I've at the sub hominem katakana hacker blah blah dr. Leonardo carpet you can take on a hat or a ceramic aluminum it will have such a negativity I said solidus immersive parlor which is not a favorite in both those times that was the day everything changed for Badri Singh his wife and three children so silly a hard-working Jyoti Nana got a leaky gutter cousin a job in Attica Reznor was makisi can't attorney or sometime somewhere Protestant over at a Khalifa Tillich Jack after seeing a movie at this small Bathory's daughter Jodie and her boyfriend couldn't find a taxi to take them home so they got on a bus a fateful trip for her and as it would turn out the entire country Indian women are traditionally treated as second-class citizens from the time they're born but that didn't happen in Jodi's family community Santa Maura having a really extra careful in here the only thing operational but rather are American companies upset covers choleric innocently Badri and his wife sacrificed everything for their children unlike many Indian women Jodi not only had dreams she was encouraged to chase them Jodi was studying to become a physiotherapist she worked nights in a call center to pay for school he was facilitating scope to strike a target our camper Kirk a doctor one night at 7:30 so critical state the magma bath HLT t ke hum dr. burns I get among pop up on ocarina amazing and he was Tucker David such a terrific in Sofia but for the independent young woman destiny had something else in store that night jothee and her boyfriend got on the bus joining six other passengers but the young couple didn't realize is that those six passengers all men were part of the same group watching [Applause] this is Ravi das camp a slum in South Delhi four of the men on the bus that night lived here including jumpa baby son his name was Vinay Sharma both have modern ears we're aware of a tire Oh Marley I gotta take a mummy the Torah vodka manga I'm Adam even a ethnic anchor table the evil dr. Hynek recurring up man Girja lying of Nibbana cassidy Karenga Havana Gary women copper iron Andy Kyle boogity boo did you the group of men on the bus had robbed an unsuspecting passenger earlier that night after that they drove around looking for their next victim he might prepare the either a sack that I might turn in early to ski asleep as my target physical relation when I delegate lawyer AP Singh says in India public displays of affection are a gross violation of a long-standing moral code he says the men became angry that the couple was getting intimate at the back of the bus a conflict was inevitable you got women alike when it leads one on a Manichean a girl a vanilla now boyfriend by LaMotta boyfriend polymerase the ground eligos giovanna lega go back back the lights went off 23 year old Jyoti Singh was raped repeatedly the men violated her with an iron rod and literally pulled out her intestines with their bare hands it was a crime that would soon have the entire country screaming for blood next anger erupts over beating and gang rape in India we will not consent to being put in the dot for rape on the evening of December 16th 2012 a young physiotherapist named Jyothi Singh was beaten and fatally gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi it was a brutal attack that quickly had the whole world transfixed while Jyothi lay dying in hospital outraged Indians took to the streets in protest in a country where most rapes go unreported and unpunished women had finally had enough longtime women's advocate Kavita Krishnan became the unofficial spokeswoman for the protesters what I really feel is that it was in a way a dam bursting whereby there was a lot of accumulated anger and saying that we will not consent to being put in the dock for rape we will not have women being blamed for rape anymore [Applause] authorities struggle to contain the protesters the government needed to make an example their entire a sense of insecurity and anger against sexual violence but also in terms of a larger insecurity with with their lives all of that I think sort of came together you know to explode in this movement yeah jyoti story was a watershed moment public pressure forced authorities to act and only days after the attack six men were arrested [Applause] gathered at the location where the incident took place they've completely blocked off traffic there now pedantic justice and think enough is enough jumper Davies son Vinay was one of the men arrested she watched those protests with a growing sense of dread you get about you know sylia bukkake Amari Giuliana Kuya immediately not equally at night or even getting happy to say I mean girl boy you're not a killer but you're not forgetting everything coach I don't care don't give up Jody became an international symbol in the struggle for women's rights yet her family chose not to tell her how important her story had become the shame of rape would have been too much but she didn't need to be told how close she was to death damn I gotta have my tea again she suffered a lot elegance doctor to a possible car today so English McCarthy Tatum rotten give us a Somalia Tata leaking whose coast of Somalia Tata Tata Tata slave in Cavite papa last day after arresting the six men from the bus the police put them on display for the media they were charged on January 3rd our lagoons are belonging this case had respectable but poor family they have no power of money they have no power of muscle they have no power of any political number of Member of Parliament who are involved the cases of robbery rape kidnapping murder they are sitting in the parliament lawyer a piecing represented Vinay Sharma his client was one of five suspects tried in a special fast-track Court beginning in February whoever a decision media type Romani who not Jaya sentiments and Navin Acharya Lobby hona chahiye okay the case Estella was made faster Courtney Singh says he received death threats other lawyers wouldn't even represent the accused finally the system had woken up women were being heard but Singh says the price of that new awareness was truth Jennifer Montero's / Moomba Piaget like animal time naina Rosary Milton Nash and abundance animal died now movie band media halala Dennis a live telecast in and him elta nice a choice multi next questionable confessions Uncas that is virtually fainted within the larger ticketed and many sentenced to death in the days after Jyoti Singh was fatally gang-raped angry protests erupted across India a special fast-track Court was created and only three months after the crime India's Parliament passed new laws allowing for the death penalty in rape cases every day the courthouse was surrounded by demonstrators as prosecutors laid out their case Vinny Sharma was one of the accused his lawyer aap Singh says key evidence was tampered with and witnesses influenced in his starting we also said that there are four persons and two times I raved she she said she was raped only two times by two percent then now how can Basel there involve six percents all hanged till death punished in her first statement to police Jyoti Singh said she'd been raped by two unidentified men several days later after six suspects were arrested police claimed Jyoti not only remembered being raped by all six men she was also able to give them detailed descriptions of the suspects including their names after all things are corroborated name also came description also came identity also came in a description of the bus also came Rankin also came calling each other by name also seized everything are you Jodi's boyfriend told police he was beaten badly and passed in and out of consciousness after the lights went off in the bus but somehow according to police he too was able to identify his attackers how can identify how can we identify to any person if light is out Singh suspects police told the victims what to say and beat confessions out of the accused on Kasturi report kini Shanthi was in the last agility in Indian police are expert to obtain signature and blank papers sixteen by nine was able to obtain a copy of the police file and confirm the confessions were identical the words and the handwriting I'll disclosure statement recorded by force I forgave beatings in the police station and all confessional statement are written by police and signature obtained on only blank papers Singh also believes the police planted DNA evidence in order to build a stronger case you can't have justice without court clearly Kavita Krishnan has been fighting for women's rights for years and even she is uncomfortable with how the trial unfolded I would say that the kind of investigation that we have in our country which largely relies on forced confessions and so on that is something which never really gets us very far with the truth of it justice in March Rahm Singh the reputed leader of the rapists was found dead in his cell it was ruled a suicide though the family suspected he was murdered the one juvenile in the group was the first to be convicted he was handed a 3-year sentence in August there's been an attempt to profile the perpetrators in this case in a certain way saying that basically these rapes in Delhi and then a later case in Mumbai these are being committed by slum dwellers but migrants you know by outsiders and I do feel that that led to the almost inevitability of the death penalty which I certainly believe are unfair in September that inevitable happened the four remaining accused were convicted and sentenced to execution by hanging the Kia have Bhagwan and a kooky si I'm here he supposed to be a hominid me huh Monaco e haqqin haqqa es que le puede con una serie b op a tre Miguelito canta y para D Roosevelt our sorrows of which theater power via switch while Vinay spends his days behind the walls of notorious to heart prison his mother can only hope he will be spared de estado tiene una de aqui Bozek I agree I hope you soon Shi Joey mnemonic is that a political mitigating quality yoga guru he passed away but eternal appeal is that not about how our agenda typical alert already there's some purifier and copper jump over this park is in the game the Adamic are gay after Jodi died the government gave her family a new place to live ironically in death she was able to give what she had promised in life but it means nothing to her father so yes a want Okinawa because miss a possible Newton a common opinion between the tariffs a nigga's away and there is more to come from this case lawyers for all for condemned men have filed Appeals bowing to challenge the death sentences all the way to India's Supreme Court we'll be right back