11 Secrets About Popular Beauty Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

We’ve all seen those hectically popular beauty tricks and tutorials on the Internet. Some of them actually feel to be veritably effective, yet others leave you speechless and allowing that you’d noway try them yourself. We at Bright Side wanted to find out if some of these tips really work or not. So then is what we did.

We picked out the top 10 well- known beauty hacks and asked our author Diana to test them.
The tutorial says that you will get longer and thicker eyelashes if you smoke some baby greasepaint over them before using your makeup.

My eyelashes really did get volume and length, perhaps indeed too important because some of them stuck together. Perhaps if you use a clean lash comb to encounter and separate your eyelashes, the over- mentioned system of getting a dramatic look will work OK.

A layer of cornstarch will mattify your shiny lipstick.

The tutorial suggests we apply a fleece of camo, and also stroke some cornstarch on. In malignancy of my relatively pessimistic prospects, I got the matte effect we were looking for. Still, it did not feel good on my lips-I could still feel the coarse texture, and it tasted strange too. I wouldn’t use this system on an everyday base for my beauty routine, yet it might be useful if you are having a print shoot, I suppose.

Use some Scotch tape when applying eyeliner and shadows.

Roman, our shooter, suggested that I should place some vid on my hand first so that I could avoid vexation and take off the vid more fluently. And, I admit, it was a great piece of advice. With the Scotch vid trick, I applied the eyeshadows snappily and achieved a sharp edge. I suppose it will get better with practice. Result I can recommend this system and will presumably use it myself.

Use men’s sensitive aftershave balm as a makeup primer.

Indeed those beauty experts who have millions of followers on their blogs went crazy about using one popular brand of men’s aftershave attar as a makeup manual. I applied some aftershave attar on one half of my face, a makeup manual on the other half, and a light fleece of foundation on my whole face. To tell the verity, I did not notice any difference at first, but the attar did smell like alcohol and it came in a bottle without a pump so it was hard to apportion the liquid.

We mugged my makeup after five hours in the office and quite a long walk that involved inordinate sun exposure. Both sides of my face looked nearly the same, yet the attar side was a little bit more unctuous. I am not going to recommend this trick because I am not sure how aftershave and manual affect our skin. It looks okay, but if aftershave attar works nearly as effectively as a manual, perhaps we can apply any face cream or moisturizer before we use foundation?

You can turn an eye pencil into a liquid eyeliner if you hold it over a flame.

Forget about precise and thin lines with this system! The pencil I used melted really snappily, and the lines it drew got thicker. Completely not worth it, from my point of view.

Mix your nail polish with cornstarch and you’ll get a matte nail polish.

I mixed some nail polish with cornstarch, and the result I got was not that enough. My nails were covered with some coarse result, not indeed close to what we call a matte nail polish. I suppose I can still see those microgranules of cornstarch. I do not suppose I will ever use the tip, and I do not recommend it to you moreover.

If you stir eyeshadow and nail polish together, you can get a new color.

We just scraped some eyeshadow onto a plate and stirred in some clear polish. The main problem was stirring the constituents together until the nail polish dried fully. As a result, we could not get the right texture and there were a lot of specks left. I will admit, we used cheap shimmer eyeshadow, so the color we got turned out to be a disaster. Still, I believe that you can get further decent results if you experiment with different colors. Also, it might be a good idea to use a whole bottle of polish.

You can get a perfectly straight line with a piece of Scotch tape.

It sounds like commodity really easy to do, does not it? Place a piece of vid on your nail, makeup, remove the vid-and there you go! A perfect line. Well, I can assure you-it’s not that easy. I have tried this trick again and again, but no luck. Maybe I did commodity wrong, so I am leaving a question mark on this trick.

Use a couple of bull legs to make your ponytail look better

Surely not worth it. No matter which side up or down, those bobby legs hurt my head so poorly that I could not stop allowing of them. Who on earth came up with this tip?

Still, you will get crimpy hair, If you pleat wet hair and blow dry it.

I’ve crimpy hair, so to test this trick I had to unbend some of it first. I pleated my wet hair and followed the instructions. The print shows that my natural crimpy hair looks way better. The lacings did not turn into cool swells, and I ended up with dry straw-suchlike hair. So the braid trick did not work on me, and I am guessing it will not work on any girl with crimpy hair.

Perk paring secret hacks

  1. Shave over, also overhead. It will help razor bumps and becks.
  2. Shave after raining to minimize skinirritation.The brume opens up your pores so you can shave fluently.
  3. Use hair conditioner rather of paring cream if you’ve run out

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