For a movie that almost didn’t get made in
the first place, Star Wars has done pretty well for itself. Throngs of creative-types credit the franchise
as having a huge influence on them. And as a result has impacted the world in
a way that almost no other series has. But after seeing these bloopers, we know that
the key to success is not taking yourself too seriously. And hey, if you like what we’re about to
show you, or we missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments, would ya? Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Amazing Star Wars
Bloopers. Freeze Frame (V) The Star Wars franchise is full of shots that
make Harrison Ford look like a badass. But if you take a look at the behind the scenes
footage, you’ll quickly realize how much help he’s getting from the folks off-screen. In one scene where he and the gang bust in
on Darth Vader, Han Solo pulls his gun and fires off a quick shot. Apparently that was the queue for the entire
cast to freeze— and a hand slowly reaches into the shot and replaces Solo’s weapon. It’s pretty ridiculous for everyone to tableau
in the middle of a battle, but you gotta do what you gotta do when it comes to getting
the right shot. Storm-TRIPPERS (IV)
As far as company-issued uniforms go, the Stormtroopers have it pretty good. They to carry sweet blasters, wear a snazzy
futuristic suit of armor, and a helmet so they never have to worry about their hair. But no job is risk-free, especially if you
sign up to fight for the dark side. They live under the constant threat of being
murdered by their leader, murdered by their enemies, or murdered by their own outfits. The gag-reel footage of Stormtroopers slipping,
tripping, or being trampled on, is almost limitless. R2-DEAD2 (I)
R2D2 is not exactly nimble, and rolling over uneven terrain has proven to be a challenge
for the droid. In The Phantom Menace’s extras, the blooper
reel shows R2 falling over in the background in multiple scenes which, obviously, is hilarious. But our favorite happens when Padmé and Anakin
are walking along behind a masked extra. who full-on walks into the poor droid, nearly
knocking him over. Jake Lloyd and Natalie Portman are able to
keep their composure for about one nanosecond before cracking up. It’s not the only thing wrong with Episode
1, and to some fans, the entire movie feels like a blooper. But it’s always funny when a robot falls
down. Constructive Criticism (VII)
Before 2015, almost nobody had heard the name Daisy Ridley. She turned from being a relative unknown into
a Hollywood it-girl overnight. Thus is the power of the Star Wars franchise. The Force Awakens was a hugely successful
installment, and appealed to both the franchises old school fans and created some new ones
too. But on the first day of filming, Ridley wasn’t
exactly sure how much longer she’d have a job. The actress was on the receiving end of some
criticism from director JJ Abrams, and she may or may not have cried— immediately,
on set, in front of everyone. But! If she hadn’t had this experience, the movie
could have turned out a lot differently. Laughing Leia (IV)
Have you ever started laughing in the middle of an argument? If you have, then you know one of two things
can happen: either your giggling will break the tension, or, it will make everything exponentially
worse. Governor Tarkin is the stone-cold killer who’s
really pulling the strings on the Deathstar. Vader may get all the glory, but Tarkin is
the real deal. Princess Leia pleads with him to not blow
up her home planet of Alderaan, and, like a total dick, he ignores her super reasonable
request. It’s a tense moment in the final cut, but
the actor playing Tarkin took a few times to get his lecturing right. And a couple of times in the process he outright
laughed. Fender Bender (VI)
There are legions of fans who specialize in the minutiae of the franchises canon, and
their level of expertise is intense. But one of the most interesting sub-fandoms
to emerge from the series is dedicated to transportation. Every ship is unique, and seems to have its
own personality. But a lot of people prefer a smaller, zippier
option. Like the speeder bikes! At some point or another, every die-hard Star
Wars enthusiast has probably imagined themselves racing through the forests of Endor on the
back of one. So the people who got to ride them in real
life probably had a great time, right? Wrong. Almost immediately after hopping on, one of
the crew crashed into a tree. Guess those bikes aren’t as nimble as they
look. Tongue Twister (IV)
If you want to live in space, there are a couple of things you need to know. First, you’ve gotta make sure you look the
part. Next, you have to learn the lingo. Finally, you have to say the lingo while looking
the part and make no mistake, that is not as easy as it sounds. Mark Hamill knows this firsthand. While filming the attack on the Deathstar,
the actor was wearing a helmet secured with a chin strap. Aside from being proper procedure, donning
a helmet just seems like a responsible choice. But as a result, the actor had one hell of
a time trying to verbalize the word “supernova”, and the blooper reel has proof. Man On a Wire (V)
In any movie, the action sequence is only as good as the stunt crew who perform it. Even though there are usually a great deal
of safety measures put in place, things can still go sideways. While filming the battle of Hoth, one of the
stuntmen got a colder ride than he was supposed to. The rope he was attached to didn’t quite lift
him fast enough, and ended up dragging him for a few feet before pulling him out of the
snowy wake they’d accidentally created. But to be fair, the final product looks pretty
badass, so obviously production hired the right team. Game Over (II)
It’s no secret that it takes a lot of dollars to create the feeling of a galaxy far, far
away. You may have heard that the Star Wars movies
are kind of expensive to make. So when props or set-pieces get busted up,
it’s safe to assume they’ll take a couple bucks to replace. Imagine the dread Hayden Christensen must
have felt when one his ship’s joysticks broke off in his hand in the middle of a take. He played it off like a pro, but somewhere
on set there was probably a production manager who was having a heart attack about it. Sound Check (IV)
Perhaps the best thing that could have happened to Harrison Ford was being cast in the role
of reluctant good-guy Han Solo. And many fans agree that every time he hopped
into the Millennium Falcon, Ford brought his A-game with him. But some of Solo’s lines proved to be a
little trickier than others — especially if they had to be said really fast. The extras show a take where he messes up
some dialogue, but instead of laughing or apologizing, he just goes ahead and pops a
microphone in his mouth. Oh Han, you’re so unpredictable. Hey, thanks for watching. What do you think of our list? Have any favorite Star Wars bloopers you’d
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