Wiz of guys and welcome back to the return of the seven minutes good series for FIFA 18 ultimate team now I'm delighted joined by Reed for today's episode I'm delighted to be here yes brilliant and now for the video incoming we all know what videos are funny so know that in these ones are these oh yeah no to be fair these bully Mike funniest videos graded yeah basically what we do guys is we each take like a load of pre-workout before we do this and then halfway for the episode it kicks in literally is today I think it's just off the school building bit it's like we're gonna get into the game yeah that's one that everything kicks in but so much sexual tension that's right today's episode is gonna be around Kilian in batei now I actually did a poll on Twitter and arty guys who you wanted to see and this was basically the standout walk clear you know you know if you'd have bought this skeezer last week he doesn't even made a hundred thousand points already yet it's literally mad he's now a hundred and eighty thousand coins on Xbox his own ways prices on them I've played it I've fed hundred a freak really yeah I was quite lucky I packed him he was my first decent decent pool so I'm pretty I'm pretty well that looks pretty does he does so we are also doing another video on Reeves channel that's gonna be around that info messy yes drug be messy yes so that is gonna be absolutely class makes you go and checked out Linda clams kitchen below subscribe to leave and all that good stuff you guys know I didn't do anyway without further ado should we move straight into this go ahead yeah yeah first things first open some paths mostly this one – what's didn't the stores now yeah or even in passing them so it's my favorite bit of your videos I've got a rare it's aimed IND have a letter letter theory me voice similar to the club and it's got that I wonder if we can pack anything good the first episode or NASA Chesley hello no clue that's how you pronounce his name I do not know Ghana the rare it is okay I'm gonna go then I'm using it but it's Oreo remain oh okay so hunting Oreo yeah yeah I real remain yeah it's got 57 page but yeah it's got a solid 85 physical 87 interesting okay sweet so you have got a Spanish and it French yeah so far okay okay well I'm still searching for my second player unfortunately it's a little bit annoying come on is it gonna be a rare no there's gonna be a number fantastic I think what I might say in this series is if you get a board pack you have to use it sure just because I'll we've got board pack we have a board Pat ladies and gentleman gonna be enough to use it Spanish goalkeeper death no way hey oh oh oh what the hell oh my god nice smashing that is it B it would be a real shame had to discard yeah unfortunately doesn't lose going any goes for you mate well that is I just got a ballplayer oh so it's like 50 facts again who's this gonna be Oh Patricia I have I got that how an earth of I got ain't livin walk out I was thinking that I was like in my head Victor's still play for United miles like am I getting trolled you think of the guys in subspace that's great yeah man that is that is meant mental for a first imminence corporate episode so yeah I guess that's been decided for us we're going to be using to hire which is yeah I'm not gonna I'm not going online let's be honest hip y'all then let's move into the formation so breathe would you like to go first or second okay first short have you checked that much the hair is going forward yeah he's like 200k almost and I think support last night was a duplicate no I sold him again Oh order to afford the card we using on your channel oh yeah yeah but luckily right Reve I'm really sorry to say it and I'm quite pissed off myself your probation is gonna be the five three two I'm Alicia she's never gonna play to come up I'm literally never gonna school no no literally I've played against phone in the back and it is incredible there's no way yeah you like you this is no way for o0 give you a look why is it always against you you get five of the backs I never get back I've never played for the back yes yes you have that's just a lady no you haven't it was the time that he beat me like five wanna tell me yeah I can I'm almost kind of sensor anyway my formation is the four five one that's actually worse yeah I know so I've got one striker against your given a decent at least this is a good one yarn over still I'm gonna need some very attacking cams in there to do a job so yeah that is not great at all right anyway let's move on to the shotgun players they're shocked and play and it said I need to think of someplace that I did for you there be a jack I don't you thing is yes I don't want you to use any of these Billy yes four five one is that they left me drive it the one with the two cams why them Reeve who would you like for your while who would you like to say my son use that baby shop who you shopping for me well I'm gonna ask you yeah here you show me for me Who am I still gonna view I'm sort of going pogba petty and messy wait where were we you knew I had a man you're 40 yeah you're so de right well don't put don't put your T's in it in a group towel of that all right fine bow you you can is actually so good fishing yeah I know can you imagine hearing a five-man formation yeah I'm shot goody for you Road hosts morning and Bucky okay Rojo this morning okay you're cool cuz I don't think you can afford by if you if you have to afford my player okay well that's interesting we'll soon find out in um okay brief all you ready it for the seven minute timer I love it me I live for this yeah let's go right sick okay three two one there we go seven minutes has started you're playing a Spanish Premier League seven minutes you need a Spanish right back I got b-dawg in already nice nice right I have already figured out my three BPL players I'm gonna be using Oreo and right back Eric Bowie and yeah what have you done okay that is pretty decent so far now figure out what we're gonna be doing with this midfield so big one con former why is that likely to be no decent towns in a I know if it's Sampson in here just because I hope his cards as good as his tender seasonal I've used his abuses normal car that's it knots that I simplified me right cam cam found anything I think I'm gonna go for the Cure okay like I give it yeah I know okay right whose it is a winger in hand I can use builder every minute I'm gonna be using them are on right wing I could use DeMaria I don't know how much is were I'm safe right do I use Ben Arfa who did you shrimp over for me live shotguns pop up is he a messy oh yeah right let's go put Lamar in here no no no yeah I could not have you using him there's absolute zero chance right we've got Lamar the one that got away for them full of Liverpool fans unfortunately right right midfielder search my club whoever gonna who have we got pretty much done wait now you're pretty much done I saw I mean I've copped out a little bit I basically only used like three nations are you're such a baby yeah brave I've got three leagues though man that's not what you aim for right such a cop-out man yeah Yeah right okay I need to think about who I'm gonna be using for cam so we're gonna go Bundesliga I need a Dortmund cam who is that Chicago where I've done I am done you're done nice one mate I've got half a Spanish side half a French side and then just a Argentinian goalkeeper sick I love how creative you are we like you can't really be craving this formation man I'm joking I'm joking oh I need I need oh yeah we're back your calls into mid go for Gus I don't think you're gonna get through this team to us yeah I really don't think I will genuinely is it for many years it's not gonna happen I don't know if I'm making this more difficult for myself than it really needs to be but do I go for Gertz that I can instead of Kagawa just to make it seem easier okay and then set amid German in the Bundesliga whoever got the most caught me someone's sick good let's cut is a solid option not falling this morning did you two minutes left two minutes left centre back that is German German who who uses college they said back face what 76 Fitness I just think I've ever let my players go below 192 fitness I although I literally play one game yeah an understandin 76 Fitness is particularly right I think I'm done I'm done we both anything yes I believe so right um well I've gone off completely forgotten about the rating rule as well oh me too oh yeah actually that makes two of us right okay well that is one minute to spare and we both finished our team sorry I know you can't the time has done that no I know but I mean I said I would've oh right yes I'm saying I would have would be like TV Thank You fee thankfully you forgot how to player in series yeah I know yeah you just you just got me to sidetrack right and what is your sure how my so just come out at 180 mines 183 yes bye I think the how you actually done that for me yeah no II would have done an absolute wonderful circuit okay would you like to start with one bronze player in your stock 11 or would you start with a – one hand you picked up a lead do you pick the player I pick the position you get to mix up your team around and I get to a good position lately and I'll entirely up to you I just don't okay so basically already Reeve has got one discard but if he can claw it back two to one then he wins the game and obviously it doesn't get the discard that's how it works so that's the timer okay sit right then let's go ahead and dive into this game cover right hey let's see let's see this oh wow oh wow oh yah malenko no Jesus okay interesting seeing four five one is probably the best formation for hybrids domain isn't it yeah nice it's very simple yeah like that's a pretty nice team they make I really like it thank you your team just looks absolutely ridiculous try to come up against back to Yoko the ran yeah I saw if I saw my team on for anything like that dad literally and you'd probably have like the now die or something on the boats that life man No oh yeah so I can gave you this literally you actually I was might say you could not by helping you actually can now yeah oh yes that was a nice girl you threw me in in a old mug it doesn't matter it makes you go kick yeah I know sir only one witness it oh it's to happen still hear me the hiccups not ended it's not just ended like that goes from glitches come on go on oh oh you either you messed up then thought you a sit-up say I still a kick off bitch makers ballin go on go on go on ah it is 3:30 as he as I please this gone bang that Oh – no down up Kochi bar as Oh Vicky water little from a buffet in to fakir these plates rushman that is actually a nice little gold yeah well it's nicely well for for pencil against joke my house house night – hey da same I know this kid's got like 75 shoes has it yeah how is that gone man okay that was that wasn't that was a good finish but no but I mean like if he was pressed for nest with someone that has like dead shoe and it goes top pins oh yeah yeah be the case but it starts make absolutely no difference to a player yeah that's very true oh is that another kick off fish no actually I'm not sure what it is it's what it started if you can get the ball in the box you've got gone yeah pretty much yeah yeah I mean oh right well I think one thing that we can say is that we both don't like the pending still how how can we judge should we just take a look at the stats yeah how many what you mean with English board five from I mean I know it was a head but it's this fee for all over again and it is so badly I lost just like this already taken guys I'm a reformed Jack well that unfortunately does mean that reef has two discards so trying to go ahead and mix up your teammate yeah what I mean it just makes it a little bit more made okay right I am gonna go for hmm sing as I pissed me off enough I'm gonna feel two fullbacks two fullbacks yeah alright I take that I'd say that you got rid I'm a list card into more discord in them I listen card enough okay so you got rid of plate clear the other say okay nice thing he got two rows and one assist the game yeah to be fair he actually seemed very good actually yeah are there any she scored as well always got 83 yeah oh and also Fernandez the sent back from ranches okay welcome nacho that's probably the worst one out of the town so sad because players isn't play like 80 no 78 or 80 78 I got away with it if yes if you just said any of my Center but you'd been in the money pit in as well yeah in back they would have been horrendous and where was it back in go oh okay that's that's flippin risky right there yeah and iris intimate I think felt for the first episode of the year yeah all right well they were gonna let them in that is gonna be the end of the video let us know in the comments section below what you would have done to your teams if you were in our positions and you can make them at the Sun seven minutes go and check out that other video we've done on Reeves channel like I said that's gonna be around to inform messy and yeah I'll catch you guys next time adios