Hello Continuing the theme of Star Wars. This time again, the crash of a fighter-interceptor somewhere on the beach. The ship had lain for quite some time in the water, and wild animals ate the pilot’s head. As promised in the last video, this time I will show the assembly of the empire’s ship from scratch. It all starts with the processing of printed parts. I like 3D printing more than assembling ready-made sets. This frees up my hands a lot, and since I still have printers, why not use them. The speed of printing for printers on a polymer directly depends on the height of the object, in order to reduce printing time to a couple of hours, you need to either cut the model into pieces, or set it so that the height is minimal. In the meantime, the printer prints, I had time to play a little bit in the coolest mobile turn-based RPG game made according to all the canons. This is Raid: Shadow Legends. I am sure that you have heard about Raid from everywhere, but this is understandable, it is one of the three best mobile RPGs on Google Play. It was important for me that the toy did not take much time and had the opportunity to play without using a computer or console. Outrageous detail and quality graphics for mobile phones, and most importantly – the game is completely free. The Raid has a very vast and active Russian community, with a bunch of tips and top Russian clans to fight with. By the way, I have not played anything for a long time, but the raid caught on with its simplicity and thoughtfulness in terms of pumping heroes. The game always has something to do, and the developers announced a huge plan for the development of the game for 6 months in advance. New factions, a group arena and even a new clan boss. While I was learning to play, the game almost overwhelmed me with a mass of free champions, armor and other interesting things. I began to think about even slightly increasing the printing time of 3D models, so that a little more was enough for the game. Follow the links in the description to download the game and get a bonus of 50,000 silver coins, as well as an epic champion. Wow, okay. Distracted. Engraver, I cut off the support and remove print defects. I paint in the base gray color. The cabin inside is painted in dark gray. I use metal acrylic paint from valejo to simulate the metal parts of the cab. I stick together the individual parts with a moment gel. Bonding will take about 6-7 hours, after this time you can safely modify the cabin. Engraver cut off the excess parts. According to the idea, there is no one wing, it was torn off in battle. I attach the fastening of the first wing to the cabin, and cut the fastening of the second wing into 2 parts with an engraver. The engraver perfectly imitates chips and faults. This one is like what I need. It’s a pity to crash the cabin, but the ship was fiercely fired upon and its casing was almost completely covered in holes. Putting all the pieces together. For putty, I use foamed putty from Woodland Scenics. The putty is rather dry and to make it convenient to apply in the crevices, I use a brush moistened with water. After drying, it will be possible to sand and paint. I put the steering column. In general, the cabin is assembled, then I proceed to study the details. With a dark metallic paint the place of the damaged skin. To simulate the wiring inside the ship, I use floristic, thin paper-braided wire. I paint her in several colors. Red, black and green wires. While the wires are dry, I modify damaged places. To enhance the effect of the metal surface, I pass with a dry brush with aluminum paint. Look how the surface began to play, it doesn’t look like a plastic part at all. I cut the wire into small pieces. I paste them into the case. To simulate a duct or some kind of corrugated pipe inside, I use a plastic tube. I paint it under the metal and put it into the ship. For wings I use black acrylic metallic. I put the manhole cover. To highlight all the seams, it is enough to go through a black wash all over the ship, and then remove the excess. After this stage, the ship will cease to be flat, the volume will immediately appear. I turn to painting the nozzle and various metal parts. There is nothing complicated, then the part will be much more complicated. I decided to show the number of wrecked resistance ships. With a thin brush I draw the silhouettes of ships on the fuselage of the attack aircraft. Extremely uncomfortable because camera almost in front of the nose. As a result, I managed to do my plan. From the very beginning I wanted to make a lot of rust in this work, and finally I got to it. I start the rust by applying a wash in various places, it will penetrate the cracks and create smudges, which I can then correct with a cotton swab. The next step, I use a dry pigment of dark rust color, for better application, I dilute it with a little finisher. I combine a dark shade with a light one. The process of creating rust is very mesmerizing and quite difficult to stop, so as not to overdo it. Dry pigment allows you to simulate several layers of rust. Modifying the windshield. I rust and break it with wire cutters. glass is made of transparent plastic. To imitate broken glass, I make small cuts with pliers, without biting through the plastic to the end. I do it randomly so that a spider web of broken glass appears. Assembly fighter-interceptor completed. Next time I will show how to make the sea around the interceptor and how to simulate foam off the coast. Thanks for watching. Bye!